Rear Bumper Filler

Although it may seem as if it is nothing more than a strip of metal that bumper stickers can be attached to, the rear bumper of your vehicle is actually a very important safety feature that absorbs impact from collisions and protects the rear of the automobile from significant damage during minor to mild accidents. Unfortunately, for this reason bumpers are often the first parts to be destroyed or damaged on a vehicle, and therefore often need to be replaced. Some vehicle owners replace their bumper with a bumper that is not specifically intended to be used with their vehicle, which needless to say, may create a visual appearance that is less than desirable. On the other hand, some vehicles come with stock bumpers that are already aesthetically unappealing. The following information describes how you can use a rear bumper filler to significantly improve the appearance of your rear bumper.

What Is Rear Bumper Filler?
While the term "rear bumper filler" may sound like a product that is inserted into the interior of a bumper to patch holes, it is actually simply a strip of high density material that is designed to fill the space between the bumper and the vehicle itself. You may have seen vehicles that have bumpers which leave a space of about an inch to several inches between the bumper in the car. This space not only looks awkward, but also makes the bumper extremely inefficient at absorbing impact from a collision. When another vehicle or an object makes contact with the rear bumper, if it is dislodged it can be jammed into the rear of the vehicle, ultimately causing more damage than would be incurred if a rear bumper filler was installed. Thus, a rear bumper filler not only improves the overall appearance of the bumper (eliminating empty spaces between the bumper and the vehicle), it also improves durability.

How Much Does a Rear Bumper Filler Cost?
Due to the wide variety of styles and models available on the market, the cost of the rear bumper filler varies widely, ranging anywhere from $15-$450. Custom rear bumper fillers that are designed for specific vehicle makes and models will usually cost more, especially if they are intended to be used with a classic vehicle. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all rear bumper filler that can be applied to any vehicle, so you'll need to do some shopping around and comparing before making your purchase. The shipping and handling costs associated with ordering a rear bumper filler online usually range from $10-$30, depending on the shipping service used and the weight of the product.

How to Install a Rear Bumper Filler
Before installing a rear bumper filler, many automobile owners choose to paint the item to match the decor of their vehicle, after which the bumper is removed (this is an easy process that usually only requires a floor jack and something sturdy like a piece of plywood to support the bumper). If any old fillers are attached, they are removed and then the new rear bumper filler is laid over the area where it will be installed in order to line up and mark holes for drilling. Most mechanics recommend installing the rear bumper filler and then leaving it on the car without driving it for a day or more. After the rear bumper filler has assumed an appropriate shape and is nestled snugly against the rear of the vehicle, the bumper can be reattached, thereby completing the installation. If you want to ensure an ideal installation and you're not confident in your own capabilities, you'll want to contract the assistance of a qualified vehicle modification specialist or a competent mechanic.

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