Run Flat Tires

You may have heard of a run flat tire before and this is actually a unique concept that can benefit many people. A run flat tire is basically a pneumatic type of vehicle tire that is made to resist the typical signs of deflation when the tire has been punctured while going down the road. The tire stays inflated, allowing for the person driving the vehicle to continue on their way, going as fast as 55 miles per hour. These tires can go great distances, even when the tire has been punctured, going as far as 200 miles!

While many people have thought that there is a tire that could resist puncture many more do not realize that such a thing is already out there and available for purchase. In fact, the Run flat tire has been around since 1892 but then they were re-designed in 1978 and again in the 1990's. Today these tires are generally made and used on smaller cars, such as two seat sports cars. The benefits of these tires for these cars is that there is little to no room for a spare tire, so it's nice to know if there is an issue that their Run flat tires will get them where they are going.

Surprisingly, run flat tires only cost about twice as much as you would pay for sports tires. While the tires are generally used on the small two seater cars, they can also be used on other luxury vehicles, and many people find that they really are a more convenient option than having to stop to fix flat tires. A lot of drivers who want added safety will also choose these tires because even if they do get punctured they will keep the car safely on the road.

There are actually three different types of run flat tires available for purchase today. The first kind is self supporting. This is a tire that is basically built with much thicker side walls that are able to take on the weight of the car even if the air pressure in the tire decreases. There are also self sealing varieties that have an extra lining in the tire that can seal itself if the tire is punctured at any time. In addition there are auxiliary supported run flat tires. These tires are unique because they have an extra support ring attached to the wheel that supports the weight of the vehicle if the tire loses air pressure. Auxiliary supported tires are the least favored as they require not only the special tire but the special wheel, and this is why these are the least well known Run flat tires on the market today.

Many people really like the run flat tires because they offer safety and convenience that you may not get from regular tires. Unfortunately, other people do not like the Run flat tires because they don't perform as well in some cases. Other people don't like the run flat tires because they don't last as long as regular tires, with some of them getting as few as 10,000 miles. To avoid being disappointed, you should do some research on the run flat tires that you are purchasing before you buy them to be sure that you understand both the pros and the cons of such tires. You may find that they are not worth your time and money after doing some research, or you may find that you are even more excited about them than you were before. Taking time to educate yourself about the tires will avoid any surprises in the future.

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