Shock Relocation Kit

Every car is equipped with shocks to absorb the energy or “shock” from going over a bump. Without shocks we would be bouncing all over the place in our vehicles and this would not allow for a very comfortable ride. There are many different types of shocks that are used on vehicles and depending on what type of vehicle you drive you may opt to modify the existing shocks in order to achieve better handling and driving on the road. For race car drivers they may choose to use a special type of shock that gives them the ability to drive at fast speeds without feeling the effects while someone that has a jeep that is driven over rocks and a bumpy terrain my choose a different type of shock. There are so many different types of shocks to choose from that there is a perfect option for everyone.

There is a problem however with some vehicles and the location of the original shocks on the car. For some reason there were some models of cars made with their shocks in a less desirable place causing them to rub on the tires when a new tire is put on the car. If you drive a vehicle that has been designed this way you may have noticed that this just does not seem right and you know that it just cannot be good for your car. When shocks are placed on the outside of the frame rails this can cause a lot of problems. Not only can it be frustrating but it can also be damaging to the shock but also the tire and the car.

Luckily there are ways to change the way these cars shocks are installed. With a shock relocation kit you can move your shocks from the outside of the frame rails to the inside. This will give you a few more inches of clearance and lessen the chance of rubbing your shocks along the tires when driving. Although these cars were probably not designed to accommodate large tires, sometimes adding different features to our cars means we must adjust and modify the car to work properly.

Shock relocation kits can be purchased for all sorts of car makes and models. Prices may vary depending on the relocation kit that you purchase and from which company supplies the parts. Relocating your shocks can be done with the proper equipment and a weekend of dedication however, before committing to this project on your own you should thoroughly research all the required equipment that you will need. Make sure you have detailed instructions on how to properly move your shocks or you may be stuck trying to figure it out on your own after the shocks have already been disassembled.

Any automotive modification needs to be taken seriously in order to prevent harm to the car or to the driver. Driving a vehicle that has been tampered with and not properly put back together can cause an accident when driving on the road. Also, remember that if you have a car under factory warranty you will need to check with the warranty company before making any vehicle modifications. Often doing work on the shocks can void out your warranty. This is something to consider before doing any mechanical adjustments to your vehicle.

Once your shocks have been relocated to the inside of the frame rails you may notice that the car drives more smoothly and handles differently. You will also be able to install thicker tires without worrying that your shocks will be in the way.

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