Short Ram Intake

A Short Ram Intake (SRI) is an easy aftermarket modification that you can make to your car or truck engine. Modifying with a short ram intake will keep the air filter inside the engine bay and will connect directly to the throttle body. This is in direct contrast to a Cold Air Intake (CAI) which relocates the air filter outside of the engine bay. Usually a cold air intake will be located in a fender. A CAI has the potential to suck up water it is often placed low on a fender. Car enthusiasts use the short ram intake system to boost engine performance. The pipes are between 12 to 18 inches in length, depending on what you choose. These are much shorter than those that come stock. This type of system utilizes the short piping to draw a larger volume of air, from the engine bay.

A Short Ram Intake is very easy to install and will only need a few hand tools. A cold air intake is more difficult to install. If you are not able to install the SRI yourself you ocan always take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic who will be happy to do it for you. This is a relatively inexpensive modification which takes a short time to install so installation charges should be affordable. The short ram intake will really increase horsepower for low cost as opposed to a CAI which can be very costly. You can buy a short ram intake kit that can out perform a cold air intake system. The short ram intake increases intake air volume in an engine where the standard factory intake piping is restrictive. To install a short ram intake all you have to do is take off the factory air box and filter assembly. You then install the SRI in its place. Short Ram Intake kits usually include some form of heat shield to counter heat problems. There is some controversy over whether or not Cold Air Intakes (CAI) are better since the air that enters the Short Ram intake is hotter and may reduce engine power. A short ram intake will get better fuel efficiency though, because the heat will cause the fuel to burn completely.

Forced induction engines that use turbochargers are better fitted with short ram intake systems because the compressors near the engine will negate the benefits of a CAI system. The Short Ram Intake may cause some problems with cars that use a mass air flow sensor. However, the technology in the newer sensors today enable the mass air sensor to adjust automatically when you install a Short Ram Intake on a new vehicle. Still, turbulence can cause inaccurate air flow readings which can cause an error in the amount of fuel that is added. This means that the engine has the potential to run lean and eventually cause engine failure. However, the new sensors detect the warmer air and compensate for it. To be safe, the engine control computer can be remapped so that it provides the appropriate amount of fuel.

The Cold Air Intakes has its drawbacks too, a major one being the fact that it can suck up water into the engine when driving over puddles. The water will destroy an engine. One other notable drawback of the Short Ram Intake system is the increase in intake noise. Many people notice a sucking sound. The factory intake has silencing properties which the short ram intake does not have. However, the SRI will give a better throttle response and may provide more torque than a cold air intake system.

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