Silicone Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are so basic to a car’s design that we often take them for granted. It’s very easy to see why; they’re relatively small, uncomplicated, and cheap. You can buy a pair of brand new windshield wipers for less than $20, and so we take them for granted. But the fact of the matter is that they are absolutely essential to driving. It’s nearly impossible to drive right without them. But because we only really need them rarely, and they are so cheap, we only think about them when something goes wrong. And even then, we often find the quickest, cheapest and easiest solution to whatever the problem is.

Despite all of these preconceptions, the simple fact of the matter is that there is a huge difference in windshield wiper performance. The windshield wiper blades that come with most cars are very cheaply made. They usually do work reasonably well with that car’s windshield, but in most cases, they only do the most minimal job of clearing the windshield. On top of that, they are usually made to only last about 10 years, or the length of the average warranty. After that, they’ll usually start having problems, most notably in a lack of performance. Generic windshield wipers are, quite simply a pain.

Silicone wiper blades are high quality, highly effective windshield wipers. Most wipers are made out of a combination of rubber, plastic and/or metal. This is the least expensive way to make a wiper, but it is a much less effective makeup. When they are new and well-applied, they usually work well enough, wiping off the windshield while leaving minimal streaking or grime. Most of these are built to be flexible, so that they can adjust to a windshield’s curves to provide the smoothest possible rotation. But once they start to degrade, the streaking and grime left on the windows, and they can even crack after a while.

Even considering all that, many people might wonder we they should spend any extra money on silicone wipers. In one word: performance. Silicone wipers simply work better than any other kind. Because of their composition, they can be flexible without giving way or being warped by snow or dirt lie regular windshield wipers can. Because silicone wiper blades are a newer idea, they are often easier to install than some more generic wipers, which might not be built to install as easily. To top it off, they last very well. They are designed to bear more pressure than generic wiper blades, and they simply work better.

Also, silicone wiper blades aren’t exactly expensive either. The cheapest silicone blades will be a few dollars more than regular ones, but most of them will still be in the $20 range. The price is usually dependent on the quality of build, so if you’re willing to pay more upwards of $30, the wiper blade will probably be much more durable, and it will definitely perform better than a cheaper model. As opposed to just pushing the water off of the edge, the material can actually repel water off of the surface.

The bottom line on buying windshield wiper blades is to hold off until you notice a problem. While generic wipers are less dependable, they generally work pretty well in for the first few years. After that, it is a decision of how much wiper blades are actually worth to you. If you’re in a very dry environment that doesn’t rain much, it probably isn’t worth any extra money to get high-quality wipers, because you might never need them. But if you live in a cold, wet area, they can literally save your life. Wipers are fairly easy to install, and at their price, you should never skimp on them if you think they will make a legitimate difference.

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