Slotted Rotors

There has been quite a lot of debate of whether slotted rotors are really superior to drilled rotors. If you want to compare the two then you will first need to know what slotted rotors are and how they work. A slotted brake rotor is designed with slots in the surface. This allows water, gas, and heat to all travel away from the rotors. The slots are important as they make sure the waste materials are removed safely.

Slotted rotors are not used with all types of vehicles though. They are most commonly found in performance cars. Anyone driving a performance vehicle will be putting a tremendous amount of strain on the brake rotors. Slotted rotors can still be beneficial on basic passenger vehicles and other types of vehicles as well but they are not as necessary.

Slotted Rotors vs. Drilled Rotors
Many people are starting to lean towards slotted rotors as the preferable choice. This is mostly due to the fact that drilled rotors have a fairly weak design. The result of this is a higher risk of the material cracking. This is especially common in the drilled holes areas. Drilled rotors are more likely to crack if there is a lot of stress put on the rotors. This is most common in performance vehicles but is also possible if you drive your vehicle at high speeds.

The slotted rotors are more durable and edge the drilled rotors in all categories. You should not consider purchasing drilled rotors as they are by far the inferior option. However, there are still some issues with the slotted rotors so do not jump to conclusions. Overall, if you are looking for brake rotors for a daily use vehicle (and not a performance vehicle) then the inferior design of drilled rotors will not be an issue. Otherwise, if you are looking for brake rotors for a performance vehicle then you will want to stick with slotted rotors instead.

Disadvantages of Slotted Rotors
There are a few problems with these brake rotors so you will have to weigh this in when making your decision on what style to buy. The most serious issue of slotted rotors would be that they can quickly wear out your brake pads. This should not be a determining factor if you are looking for heavy duty brake rotors for a performance vehicle. However, it is a big price to pay if you could get by with using drilled rotors in a stock vehicle.

Final Verdict on Slotted Rotors

There are many reasons why slotted rotors are a great investment. They are very effective for quick braking and are very efficient as well. They are also durable due to the design as it continues to send unwanted materials away from the rotor and your brakes. While this is definitely a bonus you could still find some other designs (non-slotted rotors) that would be even more effective in this category.

If you are going to buy slotted rotors then just be prepared for the worst. They are great for performance vehicles but they will also be put under a tremendous amount of stress. Due to this you will want to regularly check the condition of the rotors to make sure that they are not wearing out. If they do get cracked or damaged then you will want to replace them immediately so no serious issues occur with your brakes.

Overall, slotted rotors offer the most on the positive side but also have severe negative aspects as well. If you can cope with the downsides of the slotted rotors then they would be a great investment. They are more prone to cracking and may need to be replaced at an earlier date then drilled rotors would but they are very efficient. To conclude, if you are looking for that extra edge with your performance vehicle then slotted rotors should be a mandatory investment.

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