Spare Tire Covers

Anyone who owns and drives a car should make sure that they have a spare tire in the trunk of their car in case they ever get a flat tire. A spare tire can be quickly put on so that you can continue driving to your destination. Most new cars have spare tires that are smaller than the regular tires on their car. Because the spare tire is smaller than the regular tires they can only go a short distance after is put on and used to get home after a regular tires goes flat. The spare tire is usually located in the trunk of the car. Spare tires are usually covered by a spare tire cover in the trunk of the car. Sometimes the spare tire is carried on the outside of the car on the roof or on the back of a car, such as on an SUV that has a rear door. A spare tire cover protects it from being exposed to the weather elements. A spare tire cover will also protect the spare tire from being scratched or gouged by sharp instruments.

A lot of people these days are using their spare tire cover to make a fashion statement with their automobile. This is especially the case if the spare tire is carried on the outside of the car or in the back of an SUV door or where it can be seen through the back window. Some people have jokes written on their spare tire covers or they will have pictures on it to impress other drivers. It seems a little strange that a spare tire cover can be used to impress other people, but nowadays they can be used for that as well as for protection for the spare tire.

However, not everybody is interested in having a spare tire. To them, they can care less about trying to impress other people by sending messages via a spare tire cover. However, a spare tire cover can extend the life of your spare tire. It can do this by protecting it from deteriorating because of the sun's rays. The heat from the sun beating down on a spare tire that is on top of the car or mounted on the back of an SUV can ruin a spare tire over time. When the rubber gets hot from the sun's rays on the tire can be weakened.

Installing a tire cover over your spare tire is not a very hard thing to do unless it is a very thick cover. For thick spare tire covers, you may need more than one person to place it over the spare tire, especially if it is a large tire. Some people like thick spare tire covers better than thin spare tire covers because they seem to last longer.

You can find a basic spare tire cover for around $10-$20. There are many types and styles to choose from. For those who are interested in making public statements with their tire covers or those who care about colors, a thinner cover may be better suited to your liking.

Spare tire covers are not only used for passenger cars but they are also used for motor homes and travel trailers as well as trucks. For those who want to make a fashion statement with their spare tire cover, you can find websites that allow you to design your own. You can add a photo or ask for your own custom wording to a personalized spare tire cover. Some people are really getting into customizing their spare tire covers and even buying a different spare tire cover for holidays, such as for Christmas or the Fourth of July. Naturally, these customized spare tire covers will cost a little more than a plain standard tire cover.

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