Speedometer Cable

Having a speedometer that is not working can present a big problem, especially when you are trying not to get a speeding ticket. You can't be sure that you are staying within the posted limit if your needle is not moving or jerking around so that you can't determine how fast you are driving. Changing your speedometer cable can fix the problem and it is not that difficult with the proper instruction.

You may have to go to the dealership to find a replacement speedometer cable for your car though. Begin by removing the old speedometer cable by taking off the cover to your engine. The bolt that is located below your dashboard under the steering column will need to be removed as well. This gives you access to the back of the speedometer.

You will also have to remove the drive shaft nut and "o" ring. Push the speedometer cable through the firewall. There will be a clamp that is located in the engine and one that is located on the transmission. These clamps will have to be removed as well.

There is another nut located on the drive shaft that is on the back of the transfer case. This will remove your old speedometer cable.

To put your new cable in place, take the end of the cable that is square and place it in the adaptor located at the back of the transfer case. Put the drive shaft nut back on with the new cable.

Now pull the cable through the firewall to the back of the speedometer. Replace the o ring and attach the cable to the speedometer by tightening the nut on the drive shaft.

Put the clamps back in place and replace the engine cover. When you drive your car, you should drive slowly at first to make sure that the new speedometer cable is working properly. If there are still issues with your speedometer, you should take the car to your mechanic.

While replacing your speedometer cable is fairly simple, you should familiarize yourself with your engine diagram to be sure that you know where all the parts are located. If at any time you don't feel comfortable with this repair, you should take it to a mechanic. The speedometer is an important piece of safety equipment.

Shop around to find the right speedometer cable for your vehicle online. You can find a number of sources for automobile parts that will give you a great price on your cable. The Internet gives you a good opportunity to comparison shop and compare the different prices and brands of various parts for your car including your speedometer cable.

Having a faulty speedometer cable will not affect the function of your vehicle, but it can cause you some problems on the road while you are trying to avoid speeding tickets. A faulty speedometer is not an excuse for speeding and it is up to you to replace this part if it is not working properly. You may notice a ticking sound before it stops working that will indicate that the cable is responsible for your faulty speedometer.

Keeping your car in proper order is much cheaper when you handle repairs on your own. Many people have discovered the rewards of handling their own vehicle maintenance and repairs to save money. You should make sure that you have a good set of basic tools to handle most repairs on your vehicle. You will not need any special tools to replace the speedometer cable on your vehicle. Read over the schematics for your car first before attempting any repair so that you are familiar with the configuration of your car's engine.

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