Splash Shields

For conventional car enthusiasts, the protection of their car can equal in importance to that of their personal safety. Installing various safety and protection mechanisms such as stock airbags, custom padded hoods and stretching to anti-theft measures such as car alarms and GPS tracking all can display a vibrant profile of responsibility by car owners, with a cautious approach towards any plausible danger. However despite positive intentions, many are unaware of the harm that a car can receive on the road, simply from debris launched from traffic in front. Such debris can cause small to large scratches as well as dents which can grow to be quite noticeable, and also cause driver distractions in the high ways when the automobile is moving at high speeds. To protect from such dangers, splash shields should be installed.

Splash shields, also known as splash guards, are specially designed protection methods which are attached to a car not just to protect it from oncoming water, but also from flying debris such as earth, stones or gravel launched off the road. Such shields are usually made individually to protect a certain part of the car with the different types including splash shields for fenders and front panels, as well as for radiators and generators. Splash shields are also manufactured specifically to provide protection for the heart of the car, the engine.

To protect the vehicle from the hazardous materials of the road, they must be constructed from strong and durable materials so that they are not compromised too soon and offer maximum protection. Usually they are manufactured using heavy materials such as high impact rubber or formulated PVC which is tested to be able to withstand the onslaught of flying road fragments. These materials are then crafted into a number of varying shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Few of them are also given a powder coat of aluminum to improve their visual appearance. Some splash guards are also manufactured for specific car classes such as SUVs, trucks, etc. while others are made for specific car manufacturers and models.

It is common for most car manufacturers to include splash shields along with the vehicle during purchase. However, if a manufacturer does not provide them, they should be available from them as an accessory or can be found at most auto-shops. For those who are seeking splash shields, they can look through a large variety which includes factory splash shields, replacement splash shields, aftermarket splash shields, etc. Another type of splash shields that customers can consider are the custom splash shields. These models are specifically modeled to bring out a sporty look to the overall appearance of the car.

Installing splash guards are by no means a difficult matter. Most of them usually have the same construction and hence have similar bolt patterns so that they can be attached to the car easily. The only effort that may have to be undertaken is a small amount of drilling to make new bolt locations, which is done effortlessly by the mechanic, leaving no work left for the customer.

To keep a car safe on the road, the shields should be maintained regularly and should be replaced immediately upon failure. Splash shields can be found in most body-shops and can also be searched on the internet where the buyer can get an idea on the price of such guards. It is important to consider whether the construction of the shield is good enough, whether the materials used are strong enough and whether the shields compliment the car enough to make it worth the money spent. It is therefore advised that any potential buyer should search the market thoroughly before making any decision.

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