Vacuum Actuator

Most people do not realize that the cruise control feature which is so prominent in modern cars and those which were manufactured since the late 90s is possible at least in part because of the vacuum actuator. This is essentially a mechanical device which has been designed to covert electric signals into an actual physical […]

Throttle Actuator

A throttle actuator helps regulate the flow of air entering an engine to be used with the injected fuel in the combustion process. Commonly referred to as an electronic throttle body actuator, now that cars are built with complex computer controlled systems, your electronic fuel injection system controls the fuel and the electronic throttle actuator […]

Blend Door Actuators

The blend door actuator or the blend door is a part of a vehicle that helps combine the hot air with the cold air. The actuator is a motor that opens and closes this door to adjust the amount of hot or cold air to achieve ideal temperature setting. If your blend door actuator breaks […]

Door Lock Actuator

Having working door locks on your vehicle is very important to prevent car theft and to prevent the things inside your vehicle from being stolen or bothered by others. All cars have locks but some are manual while others are automatic or powered. When you have manual door locks you just have to push the […]

Air Door Actuator

The air door actuator in your vehicles temperature control system can lead to a great many problems with controlling the heat and air conditioning in the vehicle. You may find that the problem occurs during various attempts at changing the temperature in your vehicle and some car owners have found that their temperature control only […]