Air Intake

Short Ram Intake

A Short Ram Intake (SRI) is an easy aftermarket modification that you can make to your car or truck engine. Modifying with a short ram intake will keep the air filter inside the engine bay and will connect directly to the throttle body. This is in direct contrast to a Cold Air Intake (CAI) which […]

AFE Cold Air Intake

Advanced Flow Engineering or simply AFE is just one of the many companies that manufactures cold air intakes as well as intake manifolds, air filters, intercoolers, and exhaust systems as well as throttle body spacers. In the event that you are in need of a new cold air intake system, it will be important to […]

Diesel Turbocharger

Several different applications for the turbocharger have been used since its invention in the early 1900's. The advent of diesel turbochargers in automobiles was not in motion until the late 1930's and then it wasn't until the early 1960's until the late 1970's that turbochargers were really placed into nearly every diesel powered automobile. Ever […]

Intake Manifold Gasket

There are so many parts to a car that all their jobs can be confusing. Many may be curious as to exactly what role the intake manifold plays in keeping the car running smoothly. The intake manifold is responsible for drawing in air and fuel and funneling it from the car's carburetor to the cylinders. […]

Air Intake Filter

Intake filters go through a lot of rough treatment, and it really needs to be kept as clean and new as possible so that it can continue performing in the most efficient way. This is most important because the air-fuel composition of your vehicle depends on it. Along this vein, don't fall for cheap knockoffs […]

Intake Manifolds

Any vehicle will rely on a properly functioning intake manifold to help deliver the right amount of fuel and air into the cylinders of the engine. This is crucial to prevent misfiring and several other complications that can cause damages to the vehicle. Maintaining the intake manifold and replacing older, rusted or damaged parts may […]

Boost Controller

If you are really into high performance vehicles and thinking of having your car engine turbocharged, you are going to want to make sure you have the proper boost controller installed correctly so that you do not end up blowing up your engine. A boost controller regulates the air pressure that is delivered to the […]

Supercharger Kits

Superchargers are part of the exhaust system that compress air into the cylinders. By injecting more oxygen into the system, the car burns more fuel, becoming more efficient and having more power. There are various types of superchargers, including roots type superchargers, centrifugal superchargers and twin screw superchargers. Superchargers offer drivers the ability of boosting […]


If you want to increase the horsepower and torque of your engine you should add a turbo charger to it so that it will have more horsepower. A turbocharger is a gas driven exhaust turbine that compresses air as it is taken into the engine. When the air is compressed, its density is increased and […]

Cabin Air Filter

In most vehicles, the air intake for the ventilation system is located in the engine bay. This allows dirt, dust and other material from the road surface to be sucked into the intake. To prevent these contaminants from entering the cabin, most modern vehicles are fitted with a cabin air filter. This is different to […]

Car Air Filter

A car air filter is a device that purifies the air that enters into the combustion engine of the car. It removes the pollutants from the air such as dirt particles, pollens grain, mold and other such substances and makes the air free from particulate impurities. If these particulate impurities are allowed to remain in […]

How Does a Cold Air Intake Work

If you are interested in how vehicles operate or you want to customize your own vehicle, you may be interesting in learning how does a cold air intake work. Before you can learn about cold air intake and how it works, you need to understand exactly what the air intake on a vehicle is and […]