Brake Boosters

Hydraulic Brake Booster

A large majority of vehicles, particularly the older models, use vacuum boosters for the brakes. However, it is fairly common for newer vehicles these days to be fitted with hydraulic brake boosters. The pressure that the hydraulic brake booster uses is generated by the steering pump. For vehicles that are fitted with a vacuum booster, […]

Power Brake Boosters

Virtually every modern car uses power (or hydraulic) brakes, but not many people actually know what that term means, or what power brake boosters are. Before power brakes, older cars used drum brakes, which work similarly, but did not require a booster because of their design. Drum brakes are still used, but mainly for back […]

Operational Brake Booster Vacuum

The brake booster vacuum is a very important piece of hardware in all modern vehicles. It is a round black canister that is located at the back of the engine that draws vacuum force from the vehicle whenever the brake pedal is depressed in the vehicle. By putting your foot on the brake pedal, you […]

Power Brake Booster

A power brake booster will increase the performance of the breaks on your vehicle, thereby making it much safer and easier to stop. It will give superior braking performance by boosting the pressure as you step on the brake pedal. A power brake booster also will allow for much less foot pressure to be applied […]