Car Cigarette Lighter

Cigarette Lighter Adapters

Anyone that owns a vehicle will have one or more cigarette lighters in the vehicle. If they are nonsmokers or people who do not smoke cigarettes often enough to use these lighters, they can make the real estate for the lighter much more useful. Cigarette lighter adapters are perfect additions to any vehicle that has […]

Cigarette Lighter Plugs

There are a variety of uses for a cigarette lighter plug. Various different plugs are available to use with standard 12 volt lighter ports that convert the electrical energy into a useable source for most applications. It is important to get the correct lighter plug to use in conjunction with the device you intend to […]

Cigarette Lighter Socket

The cigarette lighter socket has been a component that’s incorporated into vehicle’s designs for over eighty years. Over time the design has been modified but its functions have not. The cigarette lighter socket, also referred to as the cigar lighter receptacle, was created as a heat source to light cigars originally. This is the reason […]

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Nowadays, cigarette lighter adapters in cars are used much less for cigarettes and much more for our multitude of portable gadgets requiring power from the car's battery. Not that long ago, all cars came fitted with a cigarette lighter. Today, they are fitted with the adapter for use with other electronic equipment such as cell […]