Car Diagnostic Tools

Honda Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools are an important part of keeping today’s vehicles running strong and healthy. Because so much technology is now involved with our vehicles, devices like diagnostic tools are required to properly diagnose and fix problems that may be present. Not only do professional mechanics use diagnostic tools at the work place but everyday car […]

OBD-II Code Reader

OBD-II is the acronym for “OnBoard Diagnostic Systems” that are found on most cars and light trucks that have been sold since the early 1970s. Manufacturers began equipping new vehicles then with an OBD-II to control engine functions and to diagnose engine problems electronically. This OnBoard Diagnostic System was originally developed to combat smog but […]

Ford Diagnostic Tools

It is important for those who own a Ford vehicle to have certain diagnostic tools which can be used to determine the root cause of certain problems which you will no doubt encounter over the years. Those who do not have these tools will usually end up spending a lot of money to take their […]

Audi Diagnostic Tools

An Audi is a very nice car to own. What's great about owning an Audi is not only does this brand of car look great, but it also performs well. While there are several luxury brands that produce cars that look great, it's not uncommon for these cars to fall short in the performance department. […]

Digital Voltmeters

Everybody who has spent their adult life driving knows the anguish a dead car battery can cause. In the worst case scenario, you get stuck in some place where a car’s cables can’t reach you, there’s nobody around, or you don’t have jumper cables. In that case you might have to spend a lot of […]

Digital Multimeter

In any auto shop or garage, you can count on finding a digital multimeter. This a helpful tool that shouldn't just be found at mechanic shops though, but rather even at home as there are many uses for it. Many may already be familiar with digital multimeters as they're used frequently in homes to measure […]

Diagnostic Code Scanner

One of the best things that you can do to cut your repair expenses for your car is buy a diagnostic code scanner. This hand held device can show you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle if you are experiencing problems, as well as show you issues that have not even been noticed yet. […]

OBD Scan Tools

Have you ever visited your mechanic and heard them say that they will "scan" your car or truck? Or have you ever later looked at your mechanic's bill and saw some kind of charge for "diagnostics"? What does that mean? It sounds like something out of Star Trek, doesn't it? Well, mechanics these days, unlike […]

Car Diagnostic Tools

When you are working on your own auto repairs, diagnosing the problems can be the hardest part of the work. Without a proper diagnosis of what is wrong with your vehicle, you may make costly mistakes and repair the wrong parts of your car in an attempt to solve the issues that your vehicle is […]