Car Door Locks

Power Tailgate Locks

If you own a truck or SUV it is a good idea to invest in a power tailgate lock, especially if you frequently transport valuable and/or delicate cargo. There are many different versions of these locks with a variety of proprietary designs, so it will be important for you to look through some of the […]

Power Door Locks

Many vehicle manufacturers have provided a simple way to access the vehicle through the use of power door locks. The feature allows for vehicle owners to unlock and lock their doors from a distance. The in car controls also allow for the simple push of a button or flick of a switch to unlock or […]

Door Lock Actuator

Having working door locks on your vehicle is very important to prevent car theft and to prevent the things inside your vehicle from being stolen or bothered by others. All cars have locks but some are manual while others are automatic or powered. When you have manual door locks you just have to push the […]

Car Door Locks

Car door locks are something that we use on a daily basis without ever pausing to think about how they work or what we will do when they mess up. While a lot of cars still use manual car door locks, there are a great many of us that have begun to rely on automatic […]