Car Electronics

Headrest Monitors

Headrest monitors allow passengers in a vehicle to have their very own monitor for enjoying movies while traveling. Today’s vehicles include entertainment systems that range from VCRs to DVD players and many even include the latest video game systems. Headrest monitors are mounted on the back of a seat’s headrest directly in front of passengers […]

Mobile Ham Radio Transceivers

A ham radio transceiver is a piece of electronics that receives as well as transmits audio communication. Unlike other forms of electronic communication, ham radio transceivers use the same circuitry to send and receive each signal. These devices are used to transmit or convey sound along many worldwide frequencies. Ham radio transceivers work similarly to […]

Digital Trunking Scanner

A digital trunking scanner is a piece of electronic equipment that works much like a two-way radio system but allows you to reach a much larger group by using specific frequencies. A digital trunking scanner will search for and use the first frequency that is available and send a code through to identify and use […]

Radar Detector

Radar detectors are used to warn a driver of police officers on the road that are using radars to detect cars who are driving at high speeds. Although speeding is illegal and potentially dangerous, there are still devices made to prevent a person from being caught speeding. Radars are one way a police officer can […]

Backup Camera System

Backup camera systems were first developed to solve the problem that large tucks and passenger busses had when they had to back up on public streets. The drivers of these types of vehicles that had backup camera systems installed are now able to back up a lot easier because they can see behind them. Because […]

Keyless Entry System

One of the main options that most vehicle owners will enjoy is knowing that there are alternatives to having a key on hand. There are special keyless entry systems which can be integrated into any vehicle providing that they are more modern and have the required on board computer which can be used with it. […]

Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is one of the most useful features in your vehicle. It's a control panel that's found on the driver's side of your vehicle, just behind the steering wheel. The instrument cluster displays a variety of information about your vehicle's performance. Dashboard Instruments The dashboard instruments will depend on your specific vehicle, for […]

Headrest DVD Player

Today, it's quite difficult to find a normal video player (VCR). Most electrical retailers don't even carry old style VCRs anymore because of the popularity of newer DVD technologies. DVDs not only offer more quality, but they are also cheaper to produce and smaller to store. Unless you have some old VCR films at home, […]

Police Scanner

There are many reasons why a person may be interested in purchasing a police scanner. Although there is a common misconception that police scanners are mainly purchased by criminals to get an inside scoop on what's going on within the police department, this makes up only a very small portion of people who are actually […]

AC/DC Power Converter

If you are looking for a way to make your automobile more convenient while you are driving, buying an ac/dc power converter/inverter is a good investment. This handy tool will allow you to plug in all of your chargeable items in your cigarette lighter in the car while you are traveling. You will also be […]

Rapid Car Charger

There will be times when you need a rapid car charger for your devices to replace one that you have lost or broken, or when you need a spare to have around for when you are in your car. There are some very inexpensive rapid car charger models on the market that will help you […]

Universal Power Adapter

Those who travel a great deal by car will find that a universal power adapter is the best investment that they make for their trips. This handy adapter will allow you to easily plug all your devices into the lighter in your car without an inverter. These adapters usually come with several different tips to […]

Bluetooth Car Kit

If you are someone who needs to be able to talk on your cell phone at all times, including when you are in your vehicle, then you should look into getting a Bluetooth car kit that can allow you to talk on the phone without having to pick it up and put it to your […]

Car Anti Theft System

When you spend thousands of dollars on a new or used your, you want to keep it in as good a condition as possible. Purchasing insurance helps you in the event of an accident, washing it regularly keeps it looking clean and new, and getting the proper maintenance will ensure that it will keep performing […]

Car Stereo Adapter

Customizing your car can be done in a number of ways, depending on how much time and money you have to spend on making upgrades. Some people choose to purchase exterior enhancements for their cars so that other people can see what upgrades have been made and so that they can show their cars in […]

Car Audio System

Car audio systems are a great way to enhance your vehicle and enjoy listening to some of your favorite music as you travel. Because there are many types and brands of car audio systems, you will want to research your choices carefully. Many factors will contribute to your final decision, so find out more about […]

Car GPS Navigation Systems

Many people travel for personal reasons for for their jobs and have to look up directions before they leave. For some people, reading a map and following directions from a site such as Yahoo! Maps or Mapquest is easy and doesn't pose any problems. For other people, this is a difficult task that they dread. […]

Car Alarm Installation Guides

Protecting your vehicle from damage and theft should be one of your main concerns as a car or truck owner. Having protection systems such as anti-theft devices can help you to keep your vehicle safe and even help to reduce your auto insurance expenses. Some of the devices that you can use to protect your […]