Car Fenders

Fender Trim

Fender trim not only outlines the curves and waves of the vehicle, it also provides durable protection. The fender’s primary function is to block flying debris that tires pick up and throw while driving. The amount of force that the tires throw debris with can damage other cars and even itself when driving down the […]

Truck Fender Flares

Fender flares allow you to give your truck an off road look and feel. They have become very popular with trucks in the last few years, as they look great. The basic purpose of fender flares, is to add width to the wheel openings of your truck. These days, you can buy fender flares to […]

Fiberglass Fenders

Replacing your existing fenders with new fiberglass fenders is fairly easy. The fender is the exterior part of the car that is located above the front wheels of the vehicle. They not only make the car look nice by continuing the sleek look around the wheels but they also protect the wheels from excess mud […]