Car Gadgets

Auto Compass

Being lost on the road is perhaps one of the most dreaded events of any road trip, which is why it is important to have adequate navigation utilities in order to prevent being lost. Some people choose to use GPS systems to help them find their place of destination with detailed driving directions. However, a […]

SBB Key Programmer

If you own a car, you have a set of keys. And if your car is even fairly new, chances are you have a remote control that goes with your car. If you have ever lost your keys or damaged the remote control that is used to unlock your car, you know what a pain […]

Radar Detector

Radar detectors are used to warn a driver of police officers on the road that are using radars to detect cars who are driving at high speeds. Although speeding is illegal and potentially dangerous, there are still devices made to prevent a person from being caught speeding. Radars are one way a police officer can […]

Alcohol Breathalyzer

There are many people who choose to have their own alcohol breathalyzer to help make the decision whether to drive their car or not. While most people are able to make a good decision to not drive their car when they have had a few drinks, there are some who need a little convincing. If […]