Car Hitches

Hitch Covers

Almost all vehicles come with an inherent capability to tow other automobiles, and most systems do that via something known as hitches, or tow bars. Sometimes, it is also called a trailer hitch, but although the name applies to trailers – in reality anything on wheels can be pulled, including boats and campers. There are […]

Receiver Hitch

If you have a pick up truck or SUV you can install a receiver hitch on it so you will be able to pull a trailer, boat or cargo van. Having this option can expand your capacity to haul or carry extra cargo around to various locations too and are useful and necessary for company […]

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Despite its name, a fifth wheel hitch has nothing to do with a spare tire. For those unfamiliar with the term, a fifth wheel hitch is actually the tool that allows a truck to tow a large trailer. Most big vehicles come with some sort of hitch already installed, allowing them to tow most trailers. […]

Gooseneck Hitch

For most owners of large vehicles (trucks or SUV's), a basic ball hitch is enough to accomplish any towing they'll ever do. Most of these vehicles come with hitches already attached, so people who do the most common types of towing might never worry about the weight capacity of their hitch in their lifetimes. But […]

Equalizer Hitch

For anyone who uses their vehicle for pulling and towing, an equalizer hitch is a very valued part of the process. When you use a basic hitch you may not notice while in the driver's seat but the rear part of your towing vehicle can get pulled down. This can cause many problems with the […]