Car Jacks

Aluminum Racing Jack

Everyone loves to watch a good NASCAR race or any other kind of car race for that matter. If you have ever watched one you may have been amazed when you saw the pit crew scurrying out around the race car to quickly change the tires as the driver waits in the car. The speed […]

Electric Car Jack

For many years changing a flat tire consisted of dragging a jack out of the trunk, manually raising the car and then replacing the tire. Today, an electric car jack can cut the work of changing a tire in half. An electric car jack is a device that is designed to work with your car’s […]

Car Lifts

Car lifts are an essential requirement for any commercial garage or smash repair shop. They allow inspections and work to be carried out on the engine, transmission, clutch, drive shaft, differential, exhaust and suspension. There are many different types available which can make choosing the right one a difficult decision. There are car ramps, floor […]

Hydraulic Jack

The hydraulic jack is one of the more important and interesting tools used to repair vehicles. For lifting tasks that are beyond the limits of a screw jack, it is the only practical alternative. There are many different types of hydraulic jack, from bottle jacks to car hoists, but they all operate using the same […]