Car Lighting

Car Indicator Lights

It seems that with each new car you own, the number of indicator lights present on the dashboard grows exponentially. From the simple “check engine” light to “oil change” lights or “open door” indicators, knowing what each light means will allow you to separate the important from the non-important. Seat Belt/Ajar Door Light or Alarm […]

Taillight Lenses

A vehicle’s tail light can be found at the rear of the vehicle. The taillight typically includes the turn signal, backup lights and brake light. Most tail lights include the tail light itself as well as a bulb, reflector and lens. A tail light may be amber or red and the main difference in tail […]

White Neon Underbody Lights

LED lights can help you add a significant amount of flair to your vehicle's customizations and modifications. Many people are familiar with LED lights that are placed in the dashboard, in the doors, near the radio, and even on the exterior of the car. A new type of LED light that is becoming really popular […]

LED Headlights

Until fairly recently, xenon headlamps were considered the brightest among all the different types of car headlights in the market. The trademark bluish-white light of xenon headlamps can cut through darkness like a knife, and they are held in extremely high regard among car enthusiasts, often being retailed at ridiculously high prices. However, things seem […]

HID Light Kits

HID light kits are used as an upgrade to your vehicle’s original halogen bulbs. HID light kits are becoming a very popular aftermarket part to add to any vehicle, whether new or old, and are also incorporated in most new cars as well. The HID light kits consist of high intensity discharge lamps which are […]

LED Tail Lights

Automobiles must have adequate lighting in the front and back to be on the road safely at night. In fact, it is required by law. The front lights on the automobile are headlights. The lights in the back are called tail lights. The tail lights in the back of your car makes it easier for […]

Xenon Bulbs

Xenon bulbs are HID (high-intensity discharge) electric lights used mainly to make exceptionally powerful headlights, although their applications have become considerably more varied in recent times. They are called xenon bulbs due to the fact that they make use of a noble gas called xenon in order to maximize their light output. Unlike incandescent bulbs, […]

Clear Bumper Lens

Bumper lenses are a purely stylistic addition to any car. They really don’t offer anything to your car in terms of performance or visibility (at least, not yours), they exist purely as decoration. And for those of us who care about decorating our cars, making them look as great as the possibly can, it’s important […]

Turn Signal Switch

Turn signal switches are a part of the equipment package that makes up an automotive vehicle’s engine. In such vehicles, the turn signal switches play an important role in motioning the car in different directions. Turn switches work by allowing the driver to turn on and off the left or right turn signal lamp, which […]

Tail Lamp

The tail lamp is an important light on your vehicle. The light is typically located at the rear end of your vehicle. The tail lamp is a safety feature that can help prevent an accident from occurring. The tail lamp is an indicator light and it works to notify the driver behind your vehicle of […]

LED Stop Lights

LED lights are being used everywhere. These tiny bulbs have many advantages over traditional light bulbs. They are much more energy efficient, for example, using much less power than traditional bulbs. They also don't put out as much heat, and they can be a lot brighter. LED lights are replacing standard bulbs in flashlights, indoor […]

LED Truck Lights

The brightest form of economical lighting these days are made possible through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs for short). More and more trucks are starting to use LEDs as a source for their lights in many different applications. This super bright option allows drivers from very far away to see their lighting and provides a definite […]

Xenon HID Kits

An Xenon HID Kit allows you to upgrade your lighting system on your vehicle so that it is much safer to drive at night. In fact the light output is much closer to that of natural daylight. Upgrading your lighting system with an Xenon HID kit utilizes a revolutionary new concept in automotive lighting. If […]

HID Conversion Kits

These days, it's all about the stylish, powerful HID lights, a controversial yet incredibly popular alternative to halogen lighting for your vehicle. Not even approved by the federal government, auto enthusiasts can’t keep their hands off these plug-and-play devices that run on Xenon gas and emit bright, color-tinted light. Safety, knowledge and knowing the law […]

Fog Lamp

If you are a driver, chances are you have had this exact same experience. You are driving along in the dark, perhaps it is raining or the early morning fog has been rolling in, making visibility a nightmare. Suddenly, behind you, comes a large vehicle, its lights glaring in on the back of your neck, […]

Car Headlamp

A headlamp is something that is on every vehicle but is one that you do not usually think about on a regular basis. The car head lamp is positioned on the front of a vehicle so that it can illuminate the road and any obstacles that you might encounter in either the darkness or during […]

How to Install Neon Car Lights

If you like the look of neon car lighting you can add it to your own vehicle quite easily. Car neon lighting will allow you to infuse a bit of your own personal style into your vehicle and will allow you to be noticed as you go down the road. Even if you have some […]