Car Suspension

Sway Bar

Adding a sway bar will improve the handling of your car. The sway bar is basically a vehicle suspension stabilizing device. If you are pulling a heavy trailer you will need a sway bar to help increase the suspension roll stiffness on your pull vehicle. Some SUV’s may need to have a sway bar installed […]

Strut Braces

Tue car-enthusiasts are never satisfied with the stock versions of their new car. However, if you love modifications, it is important that you accessorize your vehicle with the right peripheral to make it look great and unique. One such accessory that is a must have and guarantees to provide the ultimate car performance is the […]

Stabilizer Bar Assembly

As you drive down to your destination you barely feel the rough roads, comfortably sitting in your respective car seat minding your own business enjoying the road side views. The comfort does not come from the soft foam seats alone; there are other components in the vehicle that enhances the experience. There are the wheels […]

Air Suspension Conversion Kits

If you are someone who likes to modify cars, then you may be interested in finding out what air suspension conversion kits can do for your vehicle. When an automobile is using air suspension it means that the suspension of the vehicle is powered through the movement of air through a pump or a compressor […]

Strut Mounts

Strut mounts are not only used as basic mounts located at the top of a strut, but rather they are also used as an axis for your vehicles steering process. Strut mounts help give your vehicle a smooth response to your steering system's movement. Since strut mounts affect multiple tasks your car must be capable […]

Air Suspension Kits

Many people know that a suspension spring is important in the vehicle to prevent a harsh ride at any time. These springs are usually not the best option because over time they can be damaged and even break from overheating and losing their strength. You could completely replace these springs if needed but it may […]

Air Shocks

Each air shock absorber on vehicles that are equipped with them plays an important role in the smooth operation of the suspension of your vehicle. Air shock absorbers are found on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even on the suspension of commercial and private aircraft. Each air shocks absorber essentially absorbs the shock of the suspension […]

Suspension Bushings

No one wants to be driving down the street while hearing pops and creaks when you are turning corners or coming to a stop. If you are hearing strange noises like this, your car's suspension may be bad or a suspension bushing needs replacement. Your suspension is vitally important to the performance of your car. […]

Lower Ball Joint

The lower ball joint is a spherical bearing used in a wheel strut to connect the steering knuckle with the control arm. It is an essential component that allows the suspension and steering systems to work together. The joint is sealed and does not require lubrication or regular maintenance. However, the joint will eventually wear […]

Suspension Spring

The suspension spring is a simple component that vastly improves vehicle handling, braking and ride quality. Most springs are made from steel that has been heat treated to increase its rigidity. The most common types are the leaf spring and coil spring, followed by the torsion bar and air spring. Damaged springs that have lose […]

Ball Joint Replacement

The ball joints on your vehicle perform a very valuable function. They connect the two wheel struts in the front of the vehicle to the steering column. When the ball joints become worn out, they will cause there to be some play in the steering of your vehicle and your tires will wear out faster. […]

Control Arm Bushing

Most people have never heard of a control arm bushing, but when the control arm bushing has gone bad or needs to be replaced on your vehicle chances are you will know it and suddenly you will become very familiar with the name as well as the purpose of the part. It's important to differentiate […]

Car Shock Absorber

The car shock absorber is part of the vehicle's suspension system and plays an important role in making sure the vehicle is operating safely and correctly. Before you can understand how a car shock absorber works, you should also understand all of the parts of the suspension system and how they work together to ensure […]