Electrical System

Automotive Fuse Block

A fuse block is made up of fuses which operate at various amperage values. The amperage value which a particular fuse is operating on is factored by the electrical component that it is working with. If the amount of voltage is tremendously increased or decreased then the fuse could end up burning out. This is […]

Painless Wiring Harness

Painless Wiring is a company that has been in business for 21 years that has been providing the best wiring harnesses available on the market and are known for their easy installations, one of the reasons the company is named ‘Painless’. Painless has been helping hot rodders, racing teams, and off-road warriors find solutions to […]

Weather Pack Connectors

Weather pack connectors are mainly required in vehicles which will be exposed to a variety of different conditions which may make the vehicle stall or lose functionality if the wiring is exposed normally. These weather pack connectors use very nice sealed systems that make it nearly impossible to have loss of functionality due to the […]

Portable Power Pack

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road knows that there will inevitably be times when your vehicle breaks down, usually at the most inconvenient of times and in the remotest of locations. Sometimes it is a simple matter of a dead battery because you left your lights on and other times it […]

Car Power Inverter

Car power inverters are car accessories that allow normal electronic applications to run in through a car’s native power source. Most of these run through the car’s normal power adapter (also called the cigarette lighter), but in some cases, they can also be attached directly to the car’s battery for more extreme applications. With a […]

Automotive Junction Block

An automotive junction block is an invention that is fitted into automobiles to distribute electrical power to various other systems in the vehicle. The junction block essentially provides the main point for all wiring connections from the interior lighting, instrument panel and rear window wiper features. The junction block eliminates having to wire connections between […]

Vector Power Inverters

Having a power inverter can allow you the freedom to bring along some of your favorite electronics when traveling or spending times outdoors. Power inverters are designed to use your 12 Volt car battery to convert the battery power into electricity for so many of the things you would otherwise leave behind at home. Whether […]

Automotive Voltage Regulator

The automotive voltage regulator is a device used to manage the configurations of your vehicle's alternator. It allows your alternator to constantly be providing the appropriate amount of voltage to your vehicle's battery. The voltage regulator is used in vehicles as a way to recharge your car battery. Any vehicle requires a voltage regulator for […]

Automotive Fuse Holder

Fuses are electrical components fitted into numerous electronic devices to protect them from overloads and short circuits that may damage the device. The mechanism employed in a fuse is that it contains a thin wire which melts when excess electricity passes through it. This disconnects the circuit hence ensuring that the extra current does not […]

Tee Connectors for Vacuum Switches

Before the existence of Engine Control Units, or ECU, automobiles used “engine vacuum” in order to carry out a number of functions. Vacuum Switches were generally used to control this “engine vacuum” flow and this was done either directly, mechanically, solenoids or by temperature. The vacuum switches operated several devices including vacuum motors as well […]

Alternator Voltage Regulator

Most vehicles these days require an alternator to keep the car battery charged at all times. Without an alternator our car battery would drain while trying to start our vehicle along with powering all the other components that require the battery’s juice to work. The battery is not only used to get the car started […]

Ballast Resistor

A ballast resistor is a device used as a resistor to regulate modifications (both expected and incidental) of the physical form of another device. There are two different types of ballast resistors, the fixed resistor and the variable resistor. Fixed Resistor A fixed ballast resistor is used for devices that require a low amount of […]

Power Distribution Block

The power distribution block is another term used for a fuse box. All vehicles have fuses. Fuses are responsible for powering the many areas of the car that require power to work. The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment and receives its power from the alternator. When the power gets to the […]

Expandable Sleeving

Expandable sleeving is a defensive cover manufactured by woven strands that acts as an elastic shield-like wrapping over wires, cables and hoses. Expandable sleeving maintains proper organization of cables and most importantly protects such cable, wires and hoses from harm that attacks in the form of abrasion, friction, high temperatures and fire. Sleeving is manufactured […]

Automotive Relays

There are many components required to run all the various parts our cars need to work properly. Several of the car parts you may or may not be familiar with or have even heard of before. They all serve an important purpose and learning about what they all do can help you understand your car […]

Dual Battery Systems

Almost any vehicle can be modified to have a dual battery system which composes of the vehicle's battery which is used to run the vehicle and another larger, deep cycle battery for extended use with appliances and other needs. These setups are not difficult to implement and there are many kits and procedures that can […]

Power Inverter

Every modern car comes with its own DC power source (what most of us call the cigarette lighter). And most of us use it pretty frequently. DC power cables can be sold for all sorts of appliances, from cell phone chargers to GPS systems and mp3 players. It's very convenient to have a power supply […]

Car Alternator

The car alternator is a very important auto part which must be working at all times for you to properly drive your vehicle. A car alternator (previously known as a generator) is responsible for providing your car's electrical system with power. The alternator is capable of delivering power to many smaller devices in your car. […]

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Nowadays, cigarette lighter adapters in cars are used much less for cigarettes and much more for our multitude of portable gadgets requiring power from the car's battery. Not that long ago, all cars came fitted with a cigarette lighter. Today, they are fitted with the adapter for use with other electronic equipment such as cell […]

Starter Solenoid

Chances are when you are late to work or busy running all those errands you have put off, you are not thinking very much about the car that gets you from place to place. Unless you are an auto mechanic or someone who genuinely has a love of cards, chances are that you take your […]

Universal Power Adapter

Those who travel a great deal by car will find that a universal power adapter is the best investment that they make for their trips. This handy adapter will allow you to easily plug all your devices into the lighter in your car without an inverter. These adapters usually come with several different tips to […]

Portable Jump Starter

If you are someone who has found themselves asking for a jump start from people on more than one occasion, or you are someone who likes to be completely prepared for all possible situations, then you should look into getting a portable jump starter for your vehicle. This device could prove to be invaluable if […]

Car Stereo Adapter

Customizing your car can be done in a number of ways, depending on how much time and money you have to spend on making upgrades. Some people choose to purchase exterior enhancements for their cars so that other people can see what upgrades have been made and so that they can show their cars in […]