Exhaust System

Dual Exhaust Kits

There may seem to be no significant benefits of owning a dual exhaust with your vehicle. The dual exhaust system may be visually pleasant but it does not offer much else. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of exhaust system. As well, there are many other types of exhaust systems which have been […]

Diesel Exhaust Systems

There are various reasons why people look for diesel exhaust systems, these days: for some, it’s a way of improving the effectiveness of a diesel powered vehicle and optimizing the actual power of their car; for others, it’s mostly about enhancing the looks of their vehicle and fine-tuning the engine sound. Regardless of the reasons […]

Truck Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system comprises of a pipeline which creates an outlet for exhaust gases from combustion, to be released in the air. The gases are produced from the burning of fuel in the combustion chamber of a vehicle. The basic work of the system is to create a channel for exhaust fumes resulting from combustion […]

Cat Back Exhaust System

Most vehicles today use exhaust systems that require a catalytic converter. This is a device that is designed to remove harmful components in exhaust and converting them into other products that are considered to be less harmful. In the United States, it has become illegal to drive a car without a catalytic converter or cat. […]

Yamaha Banshee Exhaust

If you're looking for a do-it-yourself project and are big on nostalgia, the Banshee exhaust system may be for you. The Yamaha Banshee, a popular ATV, has received an upgrade because of the Banshee exhaust system, which includes anodized mufflers and black end caps. The system of mufflers, midpipes and two chrome-plated expansion chambers gives […]

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust

Equipping a vehicle with high performance parts is something that many people choose to do. The aftercare market of high quality parts has blossomed in recent years as more people are choosing to include these parts on their vehicles for increased performance, looks as well as just plain fun. The Magnaflow performance exhaust is a […]

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

People who own high performance cars will often seek out aftermarket accessories for their vehicle to enhance the appearance or the performance of it. One of the most popular aftermarket items to add to your car is an exhaust system. The Flowmaster exhaust system is one of the most commonly used on high performance vehicles […]

Custom Car Exhaust

Custom exhaust systems are a great way to improve the performance of your car. By learning how to install custom exhaust systems, you can give your vehicle more power and increase torque. All of this can improve the vehicle's performance over time. Learning how to install custom exhausts also allows you to improve the appearance […]

Cat Back Exhaust Systems

If you enjoy enhancing your vehicle with aftermarket parts and customizations, you may want to try using cat back exhaust systems as your next improvement. Car manufacturers design and sell cars that have stock parts and systems. While these stock parts may be adequate for most buyers, other buyers want to improve their vehicle's performance […]