Header Flanges

A header, also known as an exhaust manifold, serves the purpose of collecting exhaust gases from several cylinders into a single pipe within the engine compartment. An automobile header, or exhaust manifold, usually consists of a material such as stainless steel or simple cast iron. These durable materials are used to create a device that […]

Exhaust Flange

There are many parts in the car exhaust system that need to be joined together to form a continuous pipe from the engine to the muffler. An exhaust flange is essential for creating a strong joint between two parts of the system, and it also allow the parts to be changed without cutting the exhaust […]

Turbo Flange

If you're not a mechanic, you may have no idea what a turbo flange, or even a normal flange, is. Well, a flange is a small rim that provides extra strength to a beam. It can be either an internal or external rim, and in the case of automobiles, it often serves as a guide […]

Exhaust Manifold Flange

Every internal combustion engine has what is known as an exhaust manifold flange. The exhaust manifold flange for an internal combustion engine is made from a piece of sheet of steel with a bead that extends around the entire outer edge of the part. The exhaust manifold flange is used to connecting at least one […]