Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizer is a great way to maintain gas for long periods of time. Stabilizer can preserve gasoline up to an impressive 12 months. Motorcycle owners will use fuel stabilizer in their motorcycles when storing them for the winter. Without stabilizer gasoline would corrode and cause build up of materials that could damage the motor […]

Magnetic Fuel Savers

There are many methods that have been developed to reduce usage of fuel and improve fuel economy. These devices are designed to create several different benefits to improve the fuel economy and one of these devices is the magnetic fuel saver. These devices work by aligning the ions in the fuel when it is transferred […]

Fuel Stabilizer

There are a number of products that can be called a fuel stabilizer. One of the most common that has made a big splash on the market is the fuel stabilizer device that is installed in the fuel line of the vehicle. These devices were touted as giving you better fuel economy as well as […]

Diesel Fuel Additives

There are a variety of reasons for using diesel fuel additives as well as a number of different types of these. Some of the additives that are on the market are designed to prevent the corrosion from impurities that are the output from diesel engines. Others are used to help prevent the fuel from becoming […]

Octane Booster

Everyone sees the octane numbers on the fuel that they put in their tank every time they fill up, but those numbers really don't mean much to many of us. It is important to find the right octane fuel to add to your car that will help it to run in the best possible way. […]

Types of Alternative Fuels

With the rising cost of fuel many people are starting to question the different types of alternative fuels that are available to the public at large. Many people are surprised when they find out just how many different alternative fuels there are to choose from. You may find that some of the fuels are easier […]

Water for Fuel: Is It an Option?

Right now we are in the midst of an energy crisis, with rising fuel costs and a demand that is far greater than the supply. Our energy sources are expensive and are negatively impacting the health of the planet that we live on. As a result, more and more people are looking for alternative fuel […]

How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work

With the prices of gasoline and crude oil soaring, many people are becoming more interested in alternative forms of energy and less expensive ways to power automobiles and other mechanical devices. One alternative source of power is the hydrogen fuel cell, which is an electrochemical energy conversion device. But how does a hydrogen fuel cell […]