Gear Shift

Shifter Boot

A shifter boot is standard equipment on any car truck that has a manual transmission. It is necessary to keep out dust and dirt particles from getting into your gears. The shifter boot also act as a sound barrier and keeps out any wetness or air from rushing into your car or truck as you […]

Transmission Shift Kits

Transmission shift kits (usually just referred to as shift kits) are designed to help the performance of your transmission, especially while shifting gears. There are shift kits for manual transmissions, but they are most marketable, and sold most, for automatic transmissions. That’s because stock automatic transmissions shift much more slowly than manual transmissions, and there […]

Gear Shift Knob

A gear shift knob is located at the top of a gear shift lever. In other words, it constitutes the handle of the gear shift lever. Usually, in manual transmissions, the shift knob features a simplified diagram of the shift patterns printed on top of it, through which the gear shift lever's movement can be […]

Automatic Shift Knob

When we purchase our new cars we often fall in love with the way they drive as well as the way they look. However there are times in which we choose to do a few modifications on our cars in order to give them a little personality or to look a little better. This can […]