Replacement Headliner

Headliners are one of the parts of vehicles to really deteriorate with age. Older vehicles used cloth and fabric headliners that are sewn together for the proper look and feel. Newer vehicles also use this method but employ hard cardboard type material where the fabric and foam were attached to. It is important to replace […]

How to Clean a Car Headliner

One of the most overlooked parts of the car during cleaning and detailing is the headliner. The headliner often gets dirty when we put our hands up near the roof of the car, when we take things in and out of the vehicle, and especially if we have little kiddos climbing in and out of […]

Car Headliner

When it comes to the dangers of driving a vehicle, most people consider the biggest dangers to be on the road. Other drivers, stray animals, and road obstacles can all contribute to accidents and injuries. However, faulty vehicle components are more of a danger than many people realize. If your car or truck is not […]