Electric Car Motors

Electric cars are certainly starting to increase in popularity due to the movement towards greener more environmentally-friendly energy sources. Although for years people around the world have relied on the traditional engine design which runs on gasoline, things are starting to quickly change as more and more automobile manufacturers begin to come out with designs […]

Transfer Case Motors

Transfer case motors are basically components via which the power from the transmission is being delegated to the frontal and rear axles in four-wheel-drive vehicles. In vehicles where the drivers cannot select between 4 Wheel Drive or 2 Wheel Drive modes (known as All Wheel Drive), the transfer case motors are permanently fixated on all […]

Radiator Fan Motor

If you have noticed, every time you drive your car on a hot day you will hear a fan motor come on when you are at a stop light or when you are going through a drive through where your car has to sit and idle for awhile. The fan motor you hear come on […]

Blower Motor

Your car needs a blower motor in order to keep the luxury of air conditioning available. Without a blower motor, or a working one, the air conditioner will not work properly. This does not just mean that you won’t get some cold air during the hot summer months, but it also puts your car’s engine […]

Window Lift Motor

Power windows are operated by a motor which can automatically lift the window up. The window lift motor is the main component which is responsible for managing a power window system. Cars are usually designed with a window lift motor linked in the car door that can auto lift the glass without tilting to a […]

Tailgate Window Motor

Having a tailgate window on your vehicle that can be operated from the front is a great convenience for many people. However, when the window starts to give you problems, it might be the right time to change the motor that controls it. There are a couple of approaches that you can take to get […]

Windshield Wiper Motor

You never realize how important your windshield wipers are until they stop working. In fact, we rarely give them a second thought until it is raining outside and you have to see out of your windshield. Then it is vital that your windshield wipers are in good condition and the windshield wiper motor is working […]

Power Window Motor

The change from crank windows to a power window is one of the best conveniences that have been put on cars. However, with all of this convenience comes a certain amount of risk. When your window stops working on a crank window, you can most likely move the window so that it is in the […]

Convertible Top Motor

Convertibles are a lot of fun to drive, aren't they? Putting the top down on your car on a sunny day and feeling the wind blow through your hair is one of the best feelings that you can have while you are driving your car. Some of the convertibles on the market have manual tops […]