Performance Parts

Performance Motor Mounts

Think if your job were to hold in place a several hundred ton piece of metal. Now consider that this hunk of metal had inside of it routine explosions, and that the metal would often travel at nearly one hundred miles per hour. You have just imagined the job of a performance motor mount. The […]

Oil Catch Tank

Those who have turbocharged engines know how much of a negative impact blow-by can make. Even though it is a perfectly normal part of this process, if it is not properly channeled outside of the engine it can start to build up over time and jam up the valve train as well as the plumping […]

Nitrous Oxide Systems

Nitrous oxide systems have become very popular in the last decade. Thanks to their prominent role in popular racing movies like “Fast and Furious,” nitrous oxide, or NOS for short, has become the closest thing to an aftermarket performance product with a household name. Nitrous oxide systems are what we call any system that is […]

Aftermarket Cruise Control

Cruise control is one of the those features that no car owner places in particular importance but for the few times they decide to make long distance trips with their personal automobile. It is then that, having pressed down the gas pedal for several hundred miles and many hours, cruise control becomes a new automotive […]

Crank Trigger Kits

Ever since the massive onset of street cars, enthusiasts continually looked for ways to modify a car to make it go faster and perform better on the streets. Some were more concerned about visual appearance, and simply focused on the outlook. Others, especially tech savvy petrol-heads focused under the hood for the sheer pleasure of […]

Twin Turbo Kits

If you really want to take your car to the next level, improve the power, performance and speed, consider the addition of twin turbo kits to your car’s engine. Twin Turbo kits are designed to increase your engine power by double the amount. These twin turbo kits offer turbo chargers that are compact and can […]

6.5 Turbo Diesel Performance Parts

When it comes to buying parts for a 6.5 turbo diesel car, there are many options available. The price for different parts will vary greatly, because there are some that are a lot more advanced than others, and some are very basic because they do less. For the more advanced parts, you could expect to […]

Nitrous Oxide Kits

Nitrous oxide kits for cars are probably most famous for their role in Fast and Furious. Called “NOS,” shorthand for a company called Nitrous Oxide Systems,” nitrous oxide became known giving a speed boost to cars, even to those who had no real interest in the topic. It’s ironic, because nitrous oxide is a product […]

Boost Controller

If you are really into high performance vehicles and thinking of having your car engine turbocharged, you are going to want to make sure you have the proper boost controller installed correctly so that you do not end up blowing up your engine. A boost controller regulates the air pressure that is delivered to the […]

Performance Clutch Kits

Improving the performance of a car is not just a matter of upgrading the engine and wheels. Other components also need to be upgraded if they are to handle the new conditions. This especially applies to the stock brakes and clutch which suffer more from overheating and excessive wearing. A performance clutch kit, often called […]

Universal Turbo Kits

A universal turbo kit is not a small investment for your vehicle. There are a great many things to consider when you are buying a kit for your automobile that claims to be universal. Determining if the pipes and other equipment will work with your vehicle should be on the top of your list of […]

Octane Booster

Everyone sees the octane numbers on the fuel that they put in their tank every time they fill up, but those numbers really don't mean much to many of us. It is important to find the right octane fuel to add to your car that will help it to run in the best possible way. […]