Power Window

Power Window Regulator

Over the years our cars have advanced greatly. Thanks to manufacturers we have so many wonderful features on our vehicles that add to the convenience of driving. One of the greatest features that we enjoy is the luxury of power controlled windows and locks. When cars started switching over from manual windows to power windows […]

Power Window Kits

The inclusion of power windows in modern cars is so prevalent that most of us don’t ever think about them. But the reality is that power windows are one of the most successful additions to the car ever. Just press a button to make your window go up or down. It could not be any […]

Power Window Switch

In today's increasingly modern world, where owning laptops, iPods and other technological gadgets is the norm rather than the exception, can you imagine using a small hand crank to roll your own car windows down? Sure, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Many cars still come with manual windows, but increasingly, power window switches have […]

Power Window Motor

The change from crank windows to a power window is one of the best conveniences that have been put on cars. However, with all of this convenience comes a certain amount of risk. When your window stops working on a crank window, you can most likely move the window so that it is in the […]