Windshield Washer Pump

A windshield washer pump is a mechanical device that injects windshield washer fluid onto windshields. Every vehicle that has a windshield usually needs a windshield washer pump to inject this fluid to clean off the windshield. The pump is motorized and creates pressure to force the fluid out. You can find the windshield washer pump […]

Automotive Vacuum Pump

Any structure or machine that uses a compressor or high pressure hydraulics in order to fulfill its purpose requires a very important component – the vacuum pump. An automotive vacuum pump is such an indispensable component of an automobile. Any device that gets rid of gas or liquid molecules from inside an airtight container in […]

Gear Oil Pump

There are many parts on our vehicles that need to be maintained and kept in good working order so that our vehicles stay in good driving condition. For any one who enjoys working on their own vehicles this can be challenging unless you have all the equipment necessary. Although there are many car hobbyists or […]

Smog Pump

All vehicles emit a certain amount of emissions. These emissions are pollutants to our environment therefore our vehicles have been upgraded over the years and equipped with special features and car parts that help lessen the amount of harmful pollutants that leave our car and enter into the air. One of the parts that help […]

Car Water Pump

Your car water pump is an important part of your car that works to keep your car from overheating. How? The car water pump, which is powered by a belt, moves water out of the radiator and into your car's engine, which ultimately keeps the temperature lower in your engine. These car water pumps are […]

Engine Oil Pump

If you own a vehicle, then one of the major operating systems in that automobile is the oil distribution system, and at the heart of those lines of oil is the engine oil pump. The engine oil pump is actually something that can cause catastrophic engine failure in your vehicle if you are not careful, […]

Electric Fuel Pump

If you have a vehicle with an electric fuel pump, you may not realize everything that it does to help keep you running down the road smoothly. After all, this one piece of equipment is just a larger piece in the chain that works in your car or truck's motor. With so many different parts […]

Electric Vacuum Pump

Has it been suggested to you that you install an electric vacuum pump into your vehicle? Were you not even aware that there was such a thing made for vehicles? If so, you are not alone but an electric vacuum pump may be exactly what you need to operate the power brake booster in your […]

Brake Vacuum Pump

When you have a vehicle that has been upgraded in the way of disc brakes and a high performance engine you will also need to consider installing a brake vacuum pump. A brake vacuum pump is a necessity not only for the performance of your vehicle but also for safety's sake. If you have upgraded […]

Power Steering Pump

Many people drive their vehicles every day without thinking about all of the parts that work together to keep the vehicle moving and working safely. In vehicles with power steering, one of these parts is the power steering pump. Learning more about the power steering pump can help you understand how it works and give […]