Carbon Fiber Splitters

Those who buy an aftermarket body kit for their vehicle in order to enhance the overall performance and look of it will need to consider carbon fiber splitters which are an important part of these kits. Essentially they allow you to drive your vehicle at faster speeds without having to worry about losing control, which […]

Roof Wing

When you are going about buying a roof wing for your car, you will need to make sure you get one that will look good and add more of an aerodynamic design to your vehicle. There are certainly plenty of different choices out there to look at and you will want to take your time […]

Front Lip Spoilers

A front lip spoiler is common accessories for those who are into customizing their sport cars. Front lip spoilers are not only for looks, there is a science behind it. Race cars often use front lip spoilers for aero dynamics. At high speeds there is danger of too much air flowing underneath the vehicle that […]

BMW Z3 Spoiler

Since its introduction in 1996, the BMW Z3 has grown into a favorite of both the motoring press and the greater automotive world. The small roadster was released with a variety of power output choices and engine sizes, allowing it to serve as both a sports car and a commuter vehicle for the thousands of […]

Universal Splitters

Many vehicle owners today choose to purchase aftermarket body kits in order to enhance the look and performance of their vehicles. Universal splitters are an aspect of body kits that allow you to completely change the look of your car. When driving at faster speeds, underbody lift is typically always an issue. You want to […]

Hatchback Spoiler

Vehicle spoilers have been on the market for many years. Although it is possible to purchase a car with a factory or OEM spoiler, most spoilers sold today are sold as aftermarket products. A hatchback spoiler is simply a spoiler that is specifically designed for cars that have hatchbacks. While originally, consumers purchased these spoilers […]