Choke Thermostat

With few exceptions all combustion engines have a carburetor or one or more throttle bodies. The older domestic vehicles have carburetors. The newer models have throttle bodies to blend the air and fuel just like the carburetor does on older vehicles. Nowadays, the throttle body eliminates the need for a float bowl, etc. Both the […]

Cooling System Thermostat

It is very important to keep your car running at an appropriate temperature to prevent it from over heating. There are a few key components used on your car that help ensure this does not happen. Some of the parts that work together include the radiator, the radiator cooling fans, the water pump and the […]

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

If you drive a vehicle that has a radiator then you will have a thermostatic radiator valve. This is the same thing as a radiator thermostat which it is often referred to as. The thermostatic radiator valve is a small device that is located between the radiator and the engine and tells the radiator when […]

Thermostat Housing

Your thermostat is an important component in your vehicle as it's responsible for regulating the temperature within your car's engine. It's a part of your car's cooling system. The thermostat is capable of managing your engine's temperature as it limits the coolant flow that travels to the radiator from the engine. The thermostat is not […]

Car Thermostat

Your car thermostat is responsible not just for setting the temperature of your vehicle, but for maintaining and generating that temperature. Generally, it's connected to your car's heating system, which can range from a full air conditioning system to a simple fan heater depending on the age and technological level of your car. There are […]