Toyota Programmer

Enhancing the performance of a vehicle can be a costly and timely process that requires thousands of dollars and months of time. Unfortunately, many people overlook some of the easiest ways to enhance performance, focusing primarily on installing expensive parts or completely redesigning the engine compartment of the vehicle. However, using a programmer it is […]

Toyota Rims

The vehicles made by Toyota are loved by countless people across the globe. Although the company has recently hit some speed bumps in the production of its vehicles, Toyota is more committed than ever to producing cars that people love and will keep them safe while they drive. One of the reasons that so many […]

Toyota Oxygen Sensors

The Toyota oxygen sensor is a very important part of every Toyota vehicle and plenty of these vehicles will in time have problems that center around the oxygen sensor. Many older Toyota vehicles will seem to lose their ability to run as smoothly and first instinct for most motorists and even seasoned mechanics is that […]

Toyota Camry Parts

It was in late 1983 that Toyota Camry made its first appearance; a front wheel drive, which was introduced to replace its successful predecessor Toyota Corona. Specifically designed for the US market, Camry gained worldwide popularity and has dominated in the area of medium size family sedan for the next 25 years since its debut. […]

Toyota Lift Kits

Toyota has been building reliable trucks for the working man for nearly a century. Ever since the Toyota Type G1 truck was released in 1935, the designs of these trucks have continued to improve. Over time, people have continued to modify their vehicles as well to make them perform better, or appear more attractive. Not […]

Toyota Parts

Toyota is one of the longest running automobiles on the road. Owners of a Toyota can expect their car to last them for many more years than the average automobile. However, there may come a time when you need Toyota parts to keep your precious Toyota running long into the future. There are a number […]

Toyota Hybrid Car

A lot of people who are looking to use less gasoline have decided to look at alternatives. Of these, the most popular (and most affordable) is the Toyota hybrid car, the Prius. This car can get almost fifty miles to the gallon whether on city streets or on the highway, so it decreases the amount […]