Wheel Accessories

Wheel Trim Rings

Wheel trim rings are an excellent way to accent your existing wheels. Whether you are a serious car enthusiast or you simply want to add something to the look of your car, you should strongly consider purchasing a set of wheel trim rings. There are several features that make wheel trim rings a popular addition […]

Wheel Center Caps

A wheel center cap is the center piece for the wheels on your vehicle when there is a custom vehicle or when straight from the factory. A wheel center cap can be easily lost or stolen. There center real cap can differ in diameter and the way they hold the wheel onto the wheel axle. […]

Wheel Studs

Wheel studs and lug nuts are what keep your tires attached to your car. The studs are the bolts on the brake drum or disk hub, and you slide the wheel onto them, fastening it to the car with the lug nuts. Anybody who has ever changed a tire has seen wheel studs. The lug […]

Wheel Hub Assembly

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the wheel hub assembly, which will house the wheel bearings and the wheel itself. Most modern vehicles will also require an assembly that includes the anti-lock brake systems as well as wheel speed sensors to ensure that a vehicle has the most protection possible in […]


What more are hub caps than a fashion statement? Do these decorative disks really hold any value in how your car performs? There must be something behind your wheel covers that makes them valuable and of a substantial importance, right? Wrong! Hub caps are just designed to give your vehicle a better look. What good […]

Wheel Trim Ring

Many vehicle owners have had a chance to customize their vehicle in various aspects of the looks including down to the wheels and this could be an expensive ordeal. One of the best things to do is look at the wheel trim rings. The wheel trim rings are a part that fit over the normal […]

Car Wheel Covers

Generally, cars (at least those designed for on-road use) come with two different types of wheels: alloy rims, and standard wheels designed for use with wheel covers, also known as hubcaps. The two types are fairly evenly distributed, with the more expensive and performance orientated alloy rims often found on sports cars and performance cars, […]

Wheel Chock

A wheel chock is used to keep a vehicle in place while it is being towed on another vehicle. The wheel chock holds the wheels in place so that there is no movement during the transporting of your vehicle. People who are taking their motorcycles on a road trip will use these safety devices to […]

Wheel Hub Bearing

When's the last time you bought a trailer and tried to drag it behind your car without any wheels? I certainly hope your answer was "never." When it comes to trailers, wheels, and thus wheel hub bearings, are an extremely important part of the package when it comes to hauling. Luckily, it's doubtful you will […]