Wheels By Brand

KMC Wheels

Individuals these days are really into having a custom ride. Those who like to make a fashion or performance statement with their vehicle often will purchase custom wheels as one of their first steps to accomplish the goal customizing their vehicle. With just the addition of KMC wheels to your car you can go from […]

Alcoa Wheels

Alcoa is a company that has been revolutionizing the aluminum industry and aluminum wheels for decades. Alcoa has also revolutionized other industries with their pioneering and unique innovations, accumulatively releasing more than 8000 patents since 1888, which range in fields from consumer packaging to automotive parts and aerospace engineering components. Alcoa wheels are some of […]

ADR Wheels

If you love your car but are tired of its stock appearance, it's time for you to add your own touches to its look. When it comes to customizing the appearance of your car, there is no shortage of options for you to change. From the color of your car to your headlights, you can […]

BBS Wheels

BBS wheels are vehicle wheels that are specifically designed for maximum traction. They allow drivers to better take corners on the roadway. BBS wheels have been very popular in motorsports for the past thirty years or so because of their specific design and the research that the company does to ensure that their wheels offer […]

Axis Wheels

Since 1997, Axis Wheels have led the way in bringing fashionable and creative designs of wheels to the market. Starting with a small number of products and workforce, Axis wheels has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of stylish accessories for building wheel and tire packages. With the newest additions of Axis Super […]

Foose Wheels

Foose wheels are designed and produced by legendary automotive designer, Chip Foose. They are a series of exquisitely designed automotive wheel rims, renowned for their stunning outlook, killer finishing touches and as extremely fanioshable hot rod accessories. It all started when Chip Foose started his automotive career at the tender age of 7 – when […]

Asanti Wheels

There is an American saying that goes, “The car makes the man.” If this is true, then there are a lot of very well treated, smooth running and highly decorated men out there. Arguably, ever since cars became a popular mode of transportation (first, for the gentlemen classes, the only ones who could afford them, […]

Centreline Wheels

Centreline Wheels are a wheel manufacturer, known for the high quality performance rims for cars, light trucks, and other motor vehicles. With a massive range of racing and street wheel rims available, Centreline are a great pick for any motor vehicle enthusiast, whether they're involved in track racing, car restoration, or just interested in giving […]