Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover provides the items in your truck bed with much more than just safety from rain and the weather. They are also a useful way to make sure that the items that are stored in the bed of your truck are safe from thieves as well. The type of cover that you choose will depend largely on the amount of protection you are looking for in your truck. The materials that are used, as well as safety features should be the factors used to find the right tonneau cover for your truck.

The first type of cover that you will find in your search for the right tonneau cover is made of aluminum. You can choose a cover that is painted to match the color of your truck, or you can choose one that comes in a standard black color. These covers are designed to protect your items from theft as well as the elements and will cost a bit more than other types on the market. They are tough to withstand the elements and keep your items safe and dry.

There are also a few manufacturers that make a retractable cover for your truck. These will require you to use some of the truck bed space for the canister that operates the cover. A retractable tonneau cover will give you a good deal of flexibility and allow you to keep your truck bed uncovered when you choose without having to lift the cover off manually. You can also find a retractable cover that can be locked as well.

Fiberglass tonneau covers are the most popular choice among truck owners. They can be painted to match your truck and are very resistant to weather. These can be a little cumbersome to remove when you want to put something larger in your truck bed, but they offer a great deal of protection from the elements and theft.

A folding tonneau cover is a good choice if you are concerned about the price. These are typically less expensive than a solid fiberglass or retractable cover, but you will find that they are not as water tight as the other models.

Finally, a roll up tonneau cover will offer little in the way of safety for your items in the truck but they will keep items safe from the elements under the cover. They usually attach to your truck with a clamp and may require you to drill the clamps on to properly attach the cover to your truck.

There are a number of choices for your tonneau cover that will depend on your application. If you just want something quick to put over the items in your truck bed such as grocery bags on a rainy day, a cheaper model is probably fine. If you use your truck for work and keep expensive tools in the back, you should consider one that is safer for your items.

Budget is a consideration when you are choosing your tonneau cover as well. The less costly cover will not offer you as much protection as a tougher locking cover so do some cost analysis when deciding on which one is right for you. Sometimes a higher price is worth the extra security and peace of mind of a more solid cover for your truck bed.

Finally, the styling of the tonneau cover should be a factor as well. Covers that are painted to match your truck are the ideal and some manufacturers will also style the cover so that it blends seamlessly with your vehicle. This will be more expensive, but in the long run, it will look great on your truck.

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