Transmission Range Sensor

The transmission range sensor is a special sensor in your vehicle that will detect the different shifting positions of the gears to ensure that you are driving with the appropriate gear setting. It is important that this part is in complete working order or your vehicle may be subject to jerky movements and possible stalls while driving. One of the most damaging things that can happen is the fact that a malfunctioning sensor could make driving on highways and other roads where many shifting gears are needed very dangerous. The most likely thing to happen is that a vehicle will not shift gears correctly or randomly shift into other gears during driving. This can be repaired on your own if you have a replacement part and the appropriate tools or you could have a professional perform the repair for you.

Proper replacement of a transmission range sensor could be done on your own and could cost under $100 depending on the vehicle and where you locate the sensor part. You need to take very great care when replacing the transmission range sensor to ensure that it does not cause inaccurate readings so that it does have the appropriate function in the vehicle. Replacing the part usually calls for advanced knowledge of the removal and replacement process which will require the lifting of the vehicle with an appropriate jack or other device and some special tools depending on the vehicle in use. The proper transmission range sensor part must be used in order to prevent problems with the vehicle in the future.

The best option to replace the transmission range sensor is to take it to a professional shop or to the dealership which the vehicle was purchased. Although they will charge significantly more to replace the part, it will be worth the cost to ensure that the vehicle runs correctly. Those who have warranties and other special options to have the vehicle repaired with no extra costs should take advantage of the repair of a transmission range sensor. The specialized teams of repair technicians and mechanics can finish the job in a lot less time than it would take someone on their own to properly replace the part.

Problem signs for transmission range sensor malfunctions may not show up on the dash board. This means that you may have a malfunctioning sensor in the vehicle without any warning signs. The most important thing to look for is the random shift of the vehicles gears with noticeable slow downs, speed ups and noise or grinding of gears while driving on long roads and highways. Bouncing of a vehicle is also a common problem when the gear shifts cause the improper speed of different gears in the vehicle and when the vehicle goes over different terrain. One of the most common problems that may be noticed when there is a malfunctioning transmission range sensor is in a vehicle is hydroplaning because of inaccurate gear shifts during slow down.

Finding the transmission range sensor for sale online is much simpler and will have a range of different options. You could purchase the part from specialized sellers that will be able to offer you the parts for less than the price that you may find them at several auto parts stores. The best thing about the transmission range sensor replacement for your vehicle is the fact that it can improve the reaction time for the gear shifts and much more to ensure a much smoother ride. These parts are very important to prevent several malfunctions which could cause an accident and be potentially dangerous.

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