Truck Bed Liner

After you have purchased your new truck you will most likely want to get a new truck bed liner. Truck bed liners are made to protect the paint job on the inside of your truck bed. For anyone who wants to use the bed of their truck for hauling you should definitely get a truck bed liner to keep from having the paint constantly scratched and damaged. Not only will it prevent the paint from being damaged but also will help prevent dents in the metal from heavy materials. If you have a truck that does not have a cover on the truck bed then you will also appreciate the fact that they truck bed liner protects the bed from weather conditions as well. Since the bed of the truck is open, it can collect all sorts of debris from outdoors. Leaves, sticks, branches, pinecones and even snow or hail can damage your truck bed.

Purchasing a truck bed liner can really keep your truck bed looking new and in great condition. When buying a new truck bed liner you will want to find one that is durable and weather-proof. You want your liner to be water tight so that no moisture can get underneath the liner and cause damage to the paint. There are many different types of truck bed liners available to consumers. There are carpet liners, spray on liners and drop in bed liners. All of these have their own benefits and their own flaws. Your personal preference and the type of use your bed will be getting will determine the type of truck bed liner you should choose.

The first type of truck bed liner that can be purchased is the carpet liner. The carpet liner is a soft and lush way of keeping your bed protected. For anyone who will ride in the back of the truck the liner is much more comfortable than any other type of liner. It is made of thick piled carpet which is also skid proof to keep the materials from sliding around the back of the truck. The carpet is easy to wash with a hose and is strong enough to protect the paint under the carpet from sharp objects that could cause scratches or dents. Carpet liners are designed to fit your truck bed perfectly and you would choose a carpet liner based on your particular make and model of truck. This is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to move materials that require a soft surface to avoid damages.

A popular choice for truck bed liners is the spray on or paint on liner. These types of liners come in do- it – yourself kits and are a permanent way of protecting your truck bed. Most are made of an adhesive polyurethane/rubber material that is strong enough to prevent your truck bed from being damaged by heavy loads. They are painted on then dry to form a permanent bed liner for your truck. Since they are permanent you will have some prep work to do before applying. This usually consists of sanding your existing paint so that the rubber material will adhere and last. The rubber material keeps your materials from sliding around in the truck bed which is a very nice feature. These kits can be applied in as little as a day and drying times may vary. They can also be a little messy so precautions should be taken to protect other parts of the vehicle before applying.

Drop-in bed liners are another popular choice for lining the back of a pick up truck. They can be made of many different materials and some are easier to install than others. Some liners can be more expensive depending on the brand and the material used. Some have to be made to fit your truck model perfectly while others may be cut and installed from a standard size piece of material.

There are many choices of bed liners for your truck so take the time to learn about all the different styles before installing yours. Protecting your truck as well as the materials being hauled is very important and everyone has a different preference in looks and needs. Find what works best for you and your situation and you will be happy you chose to protect your truck.

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