Truck Bed Rails

If you drive a truck then you probably already know that there are many accessories on the market to make your truck better than it is now. Bed liners, bed covers, performance parts, custom wheels, interior upgrades, and more. There is one thing you might need though to really help out the look and performance of your truck and that is truck bed rails.

Truck bed rails were invented so you could tether cargo to the bed of your truck, but over time, with the different variations and styles to choose from, they became popular just for the added attraction. They come in chrome, stainless steel, and black, and you can get them round, square, slotted, and even lighted. They are still handy for tying down your cargo, but you will enjoy truck bed rails even if you never tie anything to them at all.

There are many different kinds of truck bed rails available. There are Tube Stake Pocket truck rails which are made of heavy duty polished stainless steel. They are 1.9 inches in diameter and have a No-Drill installation that is designed to fit in truck bed stake pockets. Then there are Tube Bolt-on truck bed rails which are the same as Tube Stake Pocket rails but they bolt onto a truck bed that does not have stake pockets.

Slotted truck bed rails have slots that provide you with multiple tie-down points. These bright anodized aluminum rails come with stainless steel fasteners and they have a traditional low profile design to complement angular bodied truck styles. Mini-Tube truck bed rails are stainless steel, 7/8 inch round diameter with 2 ΒΌ inch high stanchions and come in universal sizes with stainless steel hardware.

DynaSport truck bed rails are low profile with a heavy duty design and are pre-drilled for easy installation. These rails are available in bright anodized aluminum or black powder coat finish. The black bed rails can be painted to match your personal truck color and can be cut to obtain shorter lengths to fit your truck bed. Another type of truck bed rails is the Aventura. It has a modern heavy duty design and comes in two universal sizes to accommodate a short or long truck bed or can easily be cut for a custom fit.

After looking at a few styles of truck bed rails, you may be curious about prices. You will want to shop around for the best price without lowering the quality of truck bed rails you obtain. If you are looking to use your truck bed rails for the purpose of tying down heavy cargo, you want to make sure they are good quality so as not to damage your cargo or your truck. Putco is a popular brand of truck bed rails that offer reasonable prices and a variety of styles and colors. You can find Putco brand truck bed rails anywhere from $180 to $300 or more depending on what style you are looking for. Another brand is Dee Zee and they have some rails as low as $100 for the set of two. If you are looking for simplicity you may spend less, however if you are looking for a style to spruce up your truck's look then expect to pay more.

Whether you are looking for truck bed rails for purpose or for style, you are sure to find what you are looking for in any color and design or to fit any budget. So check out the wide variety of truck bed rails today and make your truck the envy of the town.

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