Truck Mud Guards

Regardless of the environment you live in, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter muddy or wet roads. Unfortunately, when your tires make contact with wet road rain, sleet, or mud is often thrown onto the side of the vehicle after the traction of the tires picks it up from the road and tosses it towards the rear of the truck. The end result is a truck that is covered in mud all along the bottom of the fender and doors. Of course, to someone that off roads frequently or uses their vehicle as a work truck, a little bit of mud on the side is not a huge concern. However a businessman or soccer mom probably would not want go to work or pick their kids up from school with a car that is covered in mud. Fortunately, mud guards for trucks are the perfect solution, providing adequate protection and maintaining a clean appearance for your truck at all times.

What Are Mud Guards for Trucks
Mud guards, also known as mudflaps, are rectangular strips of rubber that hang from the frame of the vehicle just behind the tires, in order to keep mud from slinging upwards onto the side of the vehicle. Mud guards can easily be installed on every truck or SUV, and are a relatively inexpensive way to keep your vehicle clean for longer periods of time. In fact, having a mudguard for your truck can actually save you money by keeping you from having to wash the vehicle on a more frequent basis. Mud guards for trucks are durable, lightweight, and include detailed installation instructions to help you attach them to any truck or SUV. If you've ever driven a truck without a mud guard for more than a couple of months, you've probably had to wash your truck more than once in a day because of a single mud puddle.

Typical Cost of Mud Guards for Trucks
The cost of a set of mud guards for a truck varies depending on a variety of factors such as the brand, distributor, size, and compatibility. Overall, the cost can range from as low as $10 for generic one-size-fits-all mud guards for trucks, to as much as nearly $700 for high quality custom molded mud guards for trucks. Mudguard sets that include the mounting hardware are usually more expensive, as are those with adjustable height and width specifications, tear resistant fabric, and special anti-splash patterns. In some cases, if you expect to use the truck for heavy-duty towing or off road and, it may make sense to purchase a more expensive set of mud guards for your truck, as the higher quality models tend to have more durable materials that attach the guards to the truck (such as corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum).

Where to Find Mud Guards for Trucks
Fortunately, it is possible to find mud guards for trucks at nearly any local automotive hardware store, as well as on a plethora of websites online. It should be noted that the method you use to purchase mud guards for your truck could affect your ability to adequately install them and receive the necessary support. Also, if you choose to order mud guards for your truck online, you'll have to pay shipping and handling charges, and you'll be unable to take a hands-on approach while making your selection. However, the price you'll find in local auto parts stores will undoubtedly be higher than those found in the online catalogs of Internet retailers. Thus, it may be best to purchase the mud guards for your truck online, and then have them installed for a nominal fee at a local auto parts store.

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