Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

People who love to go bike riding for a hobby like to go to a remote location to ride their bike or to a bicycle event in another town. The best way to transport a bicycle when traveling is by using a bicycle rack that can be mounted onto your vehicle. You can find several different kinds of bicycle racks for sale at some of your local bike shops and on the internet. Since people have different kinds of vehicles, the bicycle racks may have to be mounted differently on some vehicles. You can either have your choice between the popular roof mount, trunk mount or hitch mounted bike racks. There are other types of mounts that are not as popular, but they will work for some cars also. They include the wall mount, folding bike rack and spare tire mount as well as a front bumper mount.

A trunk mount bike rack is favored by many people who need to transport their bikes. It is the most cost effective and versatile bike rack you can buy. This is especially true if there is no room in the trunk of the car because it is filled with luggage if you are going out of town for an extended weekend event. It has an adjustable strap that can be used to secure the bike to the trunk. The strap can be hooked either under or on top of the trunk lid. Some trunk mounted bike racks allow you to hook the strap onto the bumper as another option

If you have chosen a trunk mounted bike rack for your car, you will need to learn how to properly install and use it to carry your bike. Make sure the bike is adequately strapped down when you are transporting it. A trunk mounted bike rack is a favorite for a lot of people including women. The reason is that you only have to lift the bike up to waist level to put it on a trunk mounted bike rack. Many people put foam blocks between the bike and the trunk to help keep the paint on the trunk from being damaged from the bicycle scraping on it.

If you invest in the cost of a trunk mounted bike rack for your car, you will be able to take your bike with your wherever you go. You can more than save the cost of the bike rack when you go to bicycle events and take the bike with you rather than renting another bike after you get there. The greatest advantage is that you can also to take more than one bike with you on your trip if you chose your trunk mounted bike rack carefully.

Some of the best known companies that make trunk mounted bike racks include such companies as Allen, Yakima, Hollywood, Thule and Saris. Trunk mounted bike racks are light weight. They usually weigh around 9 pounds and can be mounted onto most sedans. The most popular ones usually have a 12” long carry arm. Usually you can carry up to two bikes but on certain ones like the Yakima or Thule trunk mounted bike racks, you can carry up to three bikes.

Bones Series bicycle racks is a well-known and liked trunk mounted bike rack. Yakima is another trunk mounted bike rack. It has a Quick Trigger hub system so installing it is very easy and can be used with a variety of cars. It has padded metal buckles on the straps to protect the paint on the car. The Yakima King Joe trunk mounted bike rack also has folding arms to make storing it easy.

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