If you want to increase the horsepower and torque of your engine you should add a turbo charger to it so that it will have more horsepower. A turbocharger is a gas driven exhaust turbine that compresses air as it is taken into the engine. When the air is compressed, its density is increased and this will give you an increased air density. When you have denser air you have more fuel atoms going into the engine and the result is a more powerful engine.

Modern day engines with a turbo charger almost always are four-cylinder engines. A four-cylinder engine that has a turbo charger on it can get as much power out of it is a regular eight cylinder engine that does not have a turbocharger on it.

Every turbo charger has separate parts to it. These parts are the turbine side, the compressor side and the center housing that connects both sides. The turbine is the exhaust side. It is spun by the exhaust gases. There is normally an internal wastegate that will allow extra air pressure and exhaust gases out. The turbo charger can also have an external wastegate. This means that the wastegate is on the outside of the turbo charger housing. Modern-day turbochargers have a one piece exhaust manifold and housing. Aftermarket turbo chargers typically use a separate housing and exhaust manifold.

Turbo chargers come in different sizes. If you're having trouble making a decision on what size turbo charger that you will need, you should know that the smaller the turbo charger the better low end performance, but it will not be able to move the air at the top end as efficiently. A larger turbo charger has better top end performance, but does not perform as well in the lower end.

If you're going to install a large turbo charger you will probably have to make changes in other components like your exhaust manifold motor mounts or your downpipe so that the turbo charger will fit. Another factor to take into consideration is what direction the turbo charger will be facing. You may have to make adjustments to get the turbo facing the right direction. The housing size is another issue. You do not want compressor housing to be too big or else the gasses will not be directed to the wheel efficiently. You do not want to housing to be too small because the gases can back up and block the airflow. The pinwheel size is also important. If it has a large pinwheel it will be a larger turbo charger which means it can move more amounts of air.

If you have a modern diesel car it will need a variable geometry turbo charger. Most gasoline cars will not use this type of turbo charger. It is important to have the proper house size to avoid a dangerous condition. This is because if the impeller compresses the air too much it can get to hot and not cool efficiently enough. When this happens the gasoline in engine can ignite and cause the engine to explode or catch fire.

The most important thing to consider before you buy turbo charger is that each component will work well together as a whole. Make sure the exhaust housing is not too small and the turbine too large. If it is too small the airflow will be blocked. If they exhaust housing is too large and the turbine to small, airflow will not be directed as well as could be. Your exhaust and intake should also work in harmony. In fact your whole system should be well-matched so that it will achieve its highest efficiency potential. Mismatched components will prevent the turbo charger from performing efficiently.

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