Volkswagen Alloy Wheels

Whether for a modern Volkswagen or a classic Beetle, nothing looks better than a beautiful German car with a set of modern alloy wheels. Renowned as a 'people's manufacturer,' Volkswagen offers its own range of alloy wheels for many of its models, most of which come as standard. It also offers a large lineup of aftermarket wheels, as do many other non-exclusive alloy wheel manufacturers.

Over the last decade, Volkswagen has refined its inventory of vehicles to appeal to a larger number of buyers. Once renowned as a brand that focused on affordability rather than style and power, it is now renowned for its high-speed Golf GTi R32 and other sports cars. Despite this, Volkswagen still focuses on affordability and versatility first, offering a wide range of well-priced consumer cars.

These include the world famous Beetle, an icon of motoring for other forty years and one of the world's highest-selling automobiles. Other Volkswagen vehicles include the executive-designed Phaeton, the family-focused Passat, and the small sports-focused Scirocco family car, which is a modern combination of sports-compact performance and the usability of a small family car.

With such a varied and wide vehicle lineup, you might be thinking that it would be a nightmare to find alloy wheels for all Volkswagen models. However, it's actually fairly simple. Despite its large model lineup, Volkswagen's engine and drive train platforms are largely quite similar. As such, it's not a manufacturer to use hugely varied wheels, differentiating mostly through their total size.

As such, the style of wheels used on many Volkswagen cars, much like subsidiary manufacturer Audi, is limited to a few all-purpose designs resized and re-suited for multiple models. This helps keep replacements relatively inexpensive, particularly from Volkswagen itself, and most wheels from aftermarket manufacturers fairly constant, evenly priced, and easy to source and install.

Let's begin by looking at Volkswagen's most popular model, both for modifiers and all-purpose drivers. Known as the Golf, it's been a primary point in Volkswagen's lineup for several decades. Available in a variety of forms, ranging from family-focused to pure sports, the Golf is currently Volkswagen's most popular car, beating out the once record-setting Volkswagen Beetle in sales.

Owing to its numerous models, designs, and engine sizes, alloy wheels for the Volkswagen Golf can range in size from a measly 14 inches all the way up to colossal 20 inch sports wheels. These larger wheels are built with the Golf GTi model in mind – a higher performance version of the gold with a larger engine, a greater amount of total power output, and sports suspension designed for cornering.

As such, these larger Golf wheels – including alloy wheels for the Golf R32 – are built to prioritize handling, often at the expense of ride comfort. On the lower-performance Golf models, sizes are at minimum 14 inches. This allows for a combination of smooth handling and a comfortable ride, as a larger wheel, and thus thinner tire, can contribute to a bumpy  ride that's unsuitable for families.

Alongside the Golf GTi in Volkswagen's small sports car lineup is the Scirocco – a lightning fast two-door hatchback designed to offer the ultimate combination of city styling and great speed. A Europe-only model due to poor US currency performance, the Scirocco has been supported by a number of third-party alloy wheel manufacturers, including Interlagos and Team Dynamics.

The Passat, and its coupe counterpart the Passat CC, are both supported by a wide range of third-party alloy wheel manufacturers. With wheels available ranging from seventeen to nineteen inches in size, the Passat is a dream car for alloy wheel fans. Sporty and comfortable, it's unaffected by a drop in tire size, with ride comfort staying relatively constant due to the vehicle's suspension.

Finally, the Phaeton, which occupies the luxury slot in Volkswagen's lineup, has proved immensely popular with modifier groups and car customization clubs. The car, which shares lots of its style and running equipment with the Audi A8, hasn't been a top seller, although it has proven so popular with modification clubs that a range of custom wheels have been designed to suit its mammoth frame.

These range in size from eighteen to twenty-two inches, and can turn the car into anything from a sleek German executive car into a truly ridiculous 'bling machine.' Other vehicles in Volkswagen's lineup also have custom alloy wheels available, most of which range in size from 14 to 20 inches. Many cars also have wheels available from Volkswagen directly, often in sporty alternative styles.

With a model lineup that ranges from sporty to family-orientated, stylish to luxurious, and even an internal racing component, Volkswagen certainly isn't an automaker with a narrow focus. As such, its vehicles are tended to by a selection of aftermarket alloy wheels that's every bit as varied as its car lineup. Everything from sports to luxury is covered, with few manufacturers falling short.

So whether you're looking to outfit your Golf GTi for the track, your Phaeton for a red carpet film event, or your Scirocco for a quick dash around the city, you'll have no problem finding a great set of alloy wheels that truly suit your car. Likewise, vintage Volkswagen owners will have no trouble finding suitable wheels for their stylish older cars, whether they be a Mk II Golf or a classic Beetle.

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