Whistler Radar Detectors

With the world's police forces growing ever more vigilant on speeding and traffic offenses, an item that most people thought of as an optional extra for aggressive drivers is now becoming a necessity for remaining safe on the road. Radar detectors – the highly precise tools for tracking police cars – have grown in popularity rapidly in the past few years, in both the United States and internationally.

Today, we're going to look at a range of products from one of the world's most popular automotive accessories companies – the Whistler Group. With a wide range of radar detectors, speed camera or radar-based speed trap identifiers, and other driver's tools available, they're a one-stop-shop for our ever-cautious drivers, and a truly valuable resource for those that are fed up with speeding tickets.

But before we begin, let's look at how these radar detectors work, and why they're so effective at eliminating speeding tickets for you as a driver. While many people rely on radar detectors to help them avoid speeding tickets, few understand why they're able to. Whistler, like other companies, uses a range of different technologies to keep drivers safe, able to drive, and free of traffic fines.

In simple terms, a radar gun works on the principles of sending and returning a signal. The radar itself it 'bounced' against an approaching car, with the device recording the amount of time that's required to shoot the radar signal outwards, and receive it again shortly after. The shorter the time period required for the signal to return, the faster the oncoming vehicle is approaching the gun.

In most cases, this is used to detect speeding vehicles – police can easily detect when a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, as the radar is relayed at a greater rate of speed than is normal. What a radar detector does is recognize this incoming signal for the vehicle's driver, and alert them using either aural or visual cues – most often, a recorded message is played or a small alarm will sound.

Whistler radar detectors work according to this same principle, detecting radar signals and alerting the driver to their presence in their area. This allows them to slow down in time, avoiding a fine or potential arrest. In many cases, these devices can detect a radar signal from a long distance, giving the driver an opportunity to slow down, prepare themselves for the gun, and drive past casually.

At the heart of Whistler's radar detector lineup is the XTR product collection. These mid-priced and highly effective radar detectors are used by tens of thousands of motorists around the world, giving many driver the opportunity to evade needlessly strict driving laws. They're effective and simple to operate, alerting drivers to incoming radar signals through a simple display and beeping alarm.

They're also useful for detecting newer speed-catcher technology, including the light-based laser guns that are becoming increasingly more common right now. In an effort to counter the usage of radar detectors, many police have started using light or laser-based speed guns. These have been countered already by the radar detector industry, including many models from Whistler and others.

The XTR line is large and fairly varied, covering everything from the most basic radar detectors in Whistler's collection all the way up to complex and powerful machines. Most use a basic dial-based front layout, alerting drivers to both the presence of a radar and the type of radar used. Others, high-end models in particular, use a graphic display that's capable of showing short messages to drivers.

Some of Whistler's radar detectors also include a 'twin alert' system, which offers light-based alerts on the top of the detector module itself. This is useful for situations where a driver may be listening to the radio or a compact disc at high volume, making it difficult to hear the detector's alerts. This is a feature seldom found on detectors from other manufacturers – a Whistler exclusive at the moment.

In some cases, an unwanted radar signal can interfere with the detector – this is a problem in large cities where there may be non-speed related radar signals present. In this case, the detector uses an easy priority system to report only on radar signals related to speed detection. In most cases, a door signal – from an electronic door – or alarm system is muted in favor of speed-related radar systems.

Of course, there are times when a radar detector fails to locate a signal in time, or when a driver is moving too quickly to respond to their alert. In these cases, it's often a liability for an alarm to keep sounding as the police speak with you. For this reason, all alerts on Whistler radar detectors can be muted in conversation-heavy situations to minimize liability and prevent unwanted speeding tickets.

Battery usage is fairly minimal amongst Whistler radar detectors – almost all of which operate with simple consumer batteries. The systems have an automatic three-hour off function built in, saving a great deal of power when they're not in use or sitting dormant.

Priced fairly, highly valuable, and able to help you avoid even the steepest of speeding tickets, a Whistler radar detector is a true driver's asset. Whether you're an aggressive driver or just sick of needless and unfair speeding tickets, a radar detector from Whistler is a great way to ensure that you're able to drive safely, fairly, and free from the overly powerful attention of the police.

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