Window Decals for Vehicles

Window decals allow car owners to express themselves without saying a word. From sports team logos to political slogans, the sky's the limit when it comes to these decorations. Decals can be used in school, team or club fundraisers, memorials, businesses branding, or wedding souvenirs. You can even get your favorite decal screen printed on a shirt. Some companies even offer placing the decal on a license plate. Decals are available in a variety of colors and can stick to all kinds of surfaces.

Decal Junky, for example, has decals that show American pride, religious faith and enthusiasm for hunting. One can even select an image and customize text for a made-to-order decal. The company features hundreds of categories and can fashion the decal for the make and model of your car, truck, ATV, snowmobile, and more. The vinyl decals can be applied with a plastic device sold separately that can be used to smooth out the decal, then later peel it off when needed. There are no minimum orders are set-up fee, however there are special prices for ordering in bulk.

Decal kits offers decals that you can brace across the entire side of your car. You can even choose your own font on these customized decals. Each decal comes with an instruction kit and squeegee.

Try these decal companies for starters:

T&L Ink features a wide variety of sports and athletics decals, offering 1,000s of choices with no minimum order or sign-up fee. These are a great choice for parents with children enrolled in sports teams. You can choose the sport, then have your kid's name under the symbol.

Back Graphics offer more modernized window decals of various patterns and designs that stretch across the entire rear window. You can upload an image onto the computer to get just the right image you want, for example, if you have a very unique team logo. Their decals come with a two-year warranty. The company will even work with you on the design of the decal if you need assistance. However, there are no returns, only remakes. Categories include art and fantasy, fishing, military,horses, racing, hunting, snow sports, and wildlife.

To install a decal, make sure that the surface of our car is clean and completely dry. Using a credit card or a squeegee, rub on top of the tape so that the adhesive end comes off with the decal. Next, line up the decal and mark the spot with a piece of masking tape. Pull the adhesive slowly away from the decal, then apply decal and smooth completely out with credit card or squeegee. A razor blade can be used to line up stray letters. Rub transfer tape over decal, smooth over with credit card and squeegee, then remove the transfer tape. You can usually remove decals with water and a blunt object. However, if the decal is too long, WD-40 should be able to do the trick.

When choosing a decal, be sure to consider your work and social environment before committing to something. It may be wise not to pick a decal that is in bad taste if you are taking your children to school, for example. Or if you work a job where you are supposed to be politically objective, you probably don't want to advertise your political leanings on your car. Displaying a decal of a sports team that's a heavy rival in your city could result in some vandalism. In the end, however, the car is a reflection of yourself and how much you want to take advantage of that is a personal choice.

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