Windshield Glass

Windshield glass, also known as laminated safety glass, is a type of treated glass that is ideal for the front of automobiles because of its durability and weatherproof characteristics. Windshield glass actually consists of two layers of glass, which are held together with a layer of plastic laminated between. This double layer of glass with plastic in between is glued to the window frame of an automobile and weatherproof stripping is applied to areas where the windshield meets the frame of the vehicle. Some vehicles, such as motorcycles and racecars have high-impact acrylic plastic in between each layer of glass, rather than basic plastic used in conventional lamination. If you are looking to replace your windshield or are interested in learning more about windshield glass, then you may want to consider the information contained in the following paragraphs.

Tips for Keeping Your Windshield Glass Safe

Repair Small Cracks
If you want your windshield glass to last as long as possible, you'll need to make sure that you quickly repair any cracks or chips as they appear on the surface of the glass. This is because certain climate changes can cause pre-existing cracks and chips to widen and spread across the windshield, sometimes even causing the entire windshield to shatter. Ultimately, if you choose to put off small repairs, you could wind up paying a lot more to have the entire windshield replaced. To make sure there are no small cracks in your windshield, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the windshield on a regular basis, preferably each time you change your vehicle's oil.

Consider Temperature Changes
Windshield glass can break easily during periods of extremely hot or cold temperatures. This is especially true in the wintertime, when ice tends to accumulate on the windshield. If you have ice or snow on your windshield, remember to never scrape or stab at it with objects that are capable of cracking the window. It is also important to note that you should never pour hot water on a frozen windshield in an attempt to thaw it out, as this could cause the entire windshield to crack quickly.

Drive Cautiously
Most of the time windshield glass damage occurs on the road or while the vehicle is parked due to simple mistakes made by the driver. First and foremost, it is best to leave a decent amount of space between your car and the next vehicle, as objects could fall off or be thrown out of the car in front of you causing damage to your windshield glass. This is especially true for service trucks such as those used in the cement, lumber, trash cleanup, and construction industries.

Windshield Glass Replacement
If you failed to follow the above three tips for keeping your windshield glass safe, and you are now in need of a replacement, there are several options you can choose from. Perhaps the most convenient is to search online for quotes from windshield glass replacement companies. Some of these websites are operated by companies that will ship windshield glass to any country in the world, while others simply help you find the best solution in your area. Alternatively, if you're not keen on the idea of comparing prices online, then you could simplify the process by visiting a local auto parts store and finding a windshield glass replacement kit is compatible with your vehicle. However, some shops don't sell complete kits, and therefore require you to purchase the hardware and then perform the installation yourself, or pay a mechanic to assist you with the process. Ultimately, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of windshield glass, so it's best to follow the aforementioned tips and maintain the safety of your windshield to avoid incurring unnecessary repair expenses.

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